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Cannvas is an unbiased and evidence-based cannabis education resource with original content overseen by independent Medical, Educational and Cannabis Sciences Boards. We provide a safe space to learn about cannabis with no pressure to purchase or consume.

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Pairing cannabis strain and user data to treat specific conditions.

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Trusted cannabis education free and at your fingertips with progressive learning modules on all aspects of cannabis from health, wellness and beauty to culture, safety and usage. Cannvas Academy features only original content created and curated by our independent Medical, Educational and Cannabis Sciences Boards.

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Linking Medical Cannabis And Sexual Health

An introduction to the use of medical cannabis flowers and extracts as complementary agents to renewed sexual health.

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Looking At Medical Cannabis In Sport

An assessment of the merits of cannabis therapy in sport, including a look at the use of medical cannabis and CBD by professional athletes.

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A Crash Course on Driving High

Easily one of the most contentious questions in the cannabis space is whether driving high is dangerous. This course will answer that question by exploring both the scientific and legal elements of the equation.


Top Articles

Explore educational articles breaking down the science, culture and business of cannabis in our extensive and ever-evolving library.

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A brief history of the cannabis plant

Cannabis has been used by cultures the world over – from the hunters and gatherers of China, to the philosophers of ancient Greece – for thousands of years. With its roots in the Himalayan mountains, the cannabis plant has spread across the globe, its seed carried on the wind, often without the help of human hands.

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Examining Canada’s medical cannabis regulations

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) are the rules that govern Canada’s medical cannabis program. Instituted in the summer of 2016, the ACMPR outline the particulars of patient access, the principle role of licensed producers (LPs), and the transitional provisions added to, and subtracted from, the country’s former regulatory systems.

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Exploring Canada’s Cannabis Act

Introduced by the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau shortly after the Canadian prime minister’s improbable election victory in the fall of 2015, the Cannabis Act was recently approved by the Senate. If, as is projected, Bill C-45 becomes law, Canada will become the first G7 nation to legalize recreational cannabis at the federal level.


This month we are featuring Emma Chasen, Cannabis Educator and Industry Consultant.

"Emma Chasen has carved out a unique niche in the cannabis industry. As the left brain behind Eminent Consulting, which builds educational content for the cannabis industry, Chasen has now become one of the industry’s leading female voices..."


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