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The Cannvas Health Advocate Team aims to provide education around attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and a deeper understanding of potential alternative treatments through medical and scientific research as well as real-life patient and caregiver stories. Join the CHAT to help spread awareness and learn how your story can help make a difference.

Characterized by a struggle to relax, focus or restrain impulses, attention deficit disorder (ADD) is associated with a range of side-effects like sleep problems, daydreaming, inattention and inappropriate behavior. For the 3-5 percent of children grappling with the additional weight of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), that list also includes exaggerated hyperactivity that can take a range of different forms, and pose of host of problems.

Commonly referred to by their acronyms, ADD and ADHD are generally diagnosed in childhood, and often last into adulthood. Uniquely, the primary symptoms of these conditions – excessive hyperactivity, impulsivity and trouble focusing – are said to present before the age of seven. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, they can reportedly result in socially and psychologically debilitating behavior.

While similar in many respects, ADD and ADHD differ primarily in the heightened energy levels connected to each condition. Where children with ADD often display introverted traits and keep to themselves, those with ADHD most often have extreme hyperactivity that can, by most accounts, be a difficult burden to bare.

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