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The Cannvas Health Advocate Team aims to provide education around Epilepsy and a deeper understanding of potential alternative treatments through medical and scientific research as well as real-life patient and caregiver stories. Join the CHAT to help spread awareness and learn how your story can help make a difference.

According to Statistics Canada, epilepsy affects around 300,00 Canadians and the World Health Organization reports that 50 million people worldwide live with the disorder. A neurological condition that is characterized by spontaneous seizures that range in severity, epilepsy is recognized as a significant public health concern.

An affliction of the central nervous system that can result in confusion, unusual sensations and behaviour, loss of awareness and uncontrollable movements, epilepsy is caused by abnormal brain activity. The disorder indiscriminately affects people of all ages and races, backgrounds and genders.

Epilepsy has an unknown origin, but scientists believe it is either genetic or the result of traumas like brain tumors, infections, head injuries and strokes. Associated with an increase in premature death, studies show that between 65 and 85 percent of all cases of the condition eventually enter remission.

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If you have a story you'd care to share about yourself or a loved one who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and considered using cannabis as a form of treatment, we would love to hear from you. Your story may help others in similar situations seeking support during a difficult time.

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