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Cannabis education about health and wellness for women. Featuring exclusive articles and interviews focused on cannabis and women's issues.

Kim Wilson

"In boardrooms, classrooms, labs and growing facilities around the world, women are seizing the tremendous opportunities in the global cannabis industry and that's incredibly exciting. They're on the ground floor, helping define and shape this new sector now and for the future. International Women's Day is a chance to recognize the advancements they're making and the impacts they're having economically, politically and socially around the world."

Diane Katz, PhD

“Having a day when the world recognizes women is amazing, and yet sad. It means that the world is becoming more aware of women's contributions, for sure. The sadness comes from the reason for initiating a day of that kind in the first place. Women are generally not enjoying the levels of power, influence, and remuneration that men enjoy. My experience of the last two years in the cannabis space highlights that fact in bold, uppercase letters! I have fought the glass ceiling and the sticky floor for a long time: education, business, and now as a leader in this space. Companies in the cannabis space need to realize that their market is at least 50% women: therefore, leaders, innovators, and investors should be at a level of at least 50% representation. Let International Women's Day help to educate and inform business leaders in cannabis that supporting women is not only the right thing to do, it is the best business strategy they could possibly employ.”

Blaine Pearson

"International Women's Day is a great opportunity to take pause and reflect on the pain of inequity that has been suffered, the progress that has been made, and the where we all go from here. And, partly because I think it's true and partly because a bit of levity in this conversation can be helpful, I think Marilyn Monroe captured it best when she said, "Women who seek to be equal with men, lack ambition. Let's go girls!"

Naomi Granger

“As a woman cannabis business owner, International Women's Day means a time to reflect on how far we've come. A time to think about how much we are capable of, how much we can do. A time to enjoy our freedom and flexibility and to know it only gets better. A time to be grateful for the women who blazed the path before us, allowing us to take advantage of the opportunities available to us now. Most importantly, a time to ensure that the daughter or the sister or mother sitting right next to me knows that she too is enough. She is good enough, wise enough, strong enough and deserving enough for her voice to be heard and for her battles to be fought. That she can make a difference that will be recognized for International Women's Days to come.”

Angela Smith, PhD

“International Women's Day 2019 is critical to help support the ongoing conversation on gender balance and highlight how important women's contributions are. As the cannabis industry grows, women's perspectives and innovative ideas are crucial for the success of all aspects of cannabis: medical or recreational use, and health and wellness.

The legal cannabis industry presents a huge opportunity for women. Canadian female entrepreneurs and business owners are definitely helping to define the growing cannabis industry. I also hope to see a solid trend of having more women in the executive or board level positions of the large corporations in the space.”

Aliza Sherman

"For me, International Women's Day is a time to reflect on the critical achievements of women around the world that deserve recognition and a reminder to all of us of the integral roles women play in the health and wellness of our families, communities, economies, countries, and Planet Earth. #BalanceforBetter"

Maya Elisabeth

“International Women’s Day is an important day to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments that females have achieved, specifically in the cannabis industry. Behind the education and beauty industries, cannabis has one of the highest amounts of female leaders, which shows that diversity is an important tenant in our industry. Whoopi & Maya strives to celebrate strong and empowered females all year round, but this day in particular is a special time to think about all that we as women have achieved, and have yet to achieve in the future.”

Carol Ortega Algarra

“The emerging Cannabis Industry is a socioeconomic revolution that has the power to mitigate the levels of poverty within the Latino Community worldwide. From my financial background and perspective, this emerging industry has a tremendous impact and responsibility in terms of wealth generation for the Latino community. As a woman, in the financial and cannabis industry our leadership is a mandatory call for inclusion, diversity and gender equity. Si se puede!”

Big thanks to the women of influence across the cannabis community for their contributions.

Abi Roach

Hotbox Lounge & Shop

Aislin O'Hara

O'Hara & Associates Consulting Inc.

Alison McMahon

Cannabis at Work

Aliza Sherman


Angela Smith, PhD

Catalyst Life Science Consulting

Antuanette Gomez

Pleasure Peaks

Barinder Rasode

Grow Tech Labs

Blaine Pearson

Business of Cannabis

Carol Ortega Algarra

Muisca Capital Group

Diane Katz, PhD

Electrum Partners

Emma Chasen

Eminent Consulting Firm

Hailey Smith

Cannvas MedTech

Khavita Harrycharran

Cannvas MedTech

Kim Wilson

Global Cannabis Partnership

Naomi Granger

Dope CFO

Natasha Raey


Ophelia Chong

AURA Ventures

Rachel Colic

Eves of Eden

Rebecca Brown

Crowns Consulting

Trina Fraser

Brazeau Seller

Whoopi Goldberg & Maya Elisabeth

Whoopi & Maya

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