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Jean-Francois Bergeron, president of the Societe Quebecoise Du Cannabis, reports that the SQDC has made over $40 billion in profits, which amounts to 35% of the legal cannabis consumed in Canada. For size comparison, Quebec only represents 20% of the Canadian population.

The 22.5 tons of cannabis sold in Quebec represent an estimated 15% of sales that would have otherwise gone to the black market- and the SQDC plans to expand.

As with the rest of Canada, there have been many supply issues of legal cannabis in Quebec. The SQDC is not able to keep up with demand and is closed several days of the week due to this. Furthermore, the average price of their products (about $7.25/gram, including taxes), is still much higher than the average price on the Quebec black market which is estimated at about $5.50/gram. The SQDC prices are lower than the Canadian average by almost $3, which may be why the operation isn’t as profitable as it should be.

Despite the threat of new laws from the provincial government, which may raise the legal age to 21 years old, Bergeron hopes to open more stores this summer.

Source: https://www.mtlblog.com/news/canada/quebec-consumes-over-13-of-all-the-weed-in-canada

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