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Health and Beauty

Discover all the ways in which the global cannabis wave affects the health and beauty industry.

Health & Beauty Courses

Cannabis is poised to become one of the largest disruptors the health and beauty industry has ever contended with. Explore how a range of cannabis-infused products is expected to fuel a whole new sector of this robust industry.

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A Primer on Cannabis Manicures and Pedicures

One of the hottest trends in health and beauty is the adoption of cannabis-infused products for manicures. This course will look at some of the products being used in this cosmetic treatment, as well as the styles of manicures available, and the companies who are engaging in the space.

20 Points

Cannabis and Sexual Health

One of the lead questions being asked in the industry’s health category is whether cannabis-based sexual health products can help patients with a range of deficiencies. This course will answer that question by looking at both the science and the product line forming around the issue.

20 Points

Cannabis Beauty Products: An Introduction

Cannabis is being used in everything from moisturizers to mascara, with the market welcoming new cannabis-based cosmetics every week. This course will look at the uses for new cannabis-based products like perfume, facial oils, mascara and nail polish.

20 Points

Investigating Cannabis and Skincare

One of the latest trends in the cannabis industry is skin treatment using cannabis-based products like topicals and CBD balms. This course will explore the skin conditions that cannabis is presently being used to treat, including acne, rosacea and eczema.

20 Points

Touring the Cannabis Spa Movement

Cannabis is more than ever being used by shamans, estheticians and massage therapists. This course will tour some of the most popular cannabis spas on the planet, and look into the services offered to clients.

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