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2018 will mark the first holidays season when Canadians will celebrate recreational cannabis legalization, a holiday unto itself. There are a myriad of ways to blend the gift-giving warmth of the holidays with your passion for cannabis, whether you’re a newcomer or an old hat enjoying the sticky green leaf.

Holiday parties may shine with a different kind of polish if cannabis is involved. At many Canadian parties around Christmas, you might not only find ugly sweaters and eggnog cartons but also a joint circle or two. It’s always recommended to bring your own cannabis to the party, so you refrain from mooching off others. Also, be sure you toke responsibly and don’t drive while high.

Speaking of BYOC, you can also bring your own edibles to that holiday party. Christmas cookies can get a lot more interesting if you make them with cannabis butter. You don’t have to limit your culinary creativity to the usual suspects; we’ve heard of cannabis edibles such as chocolate cake, Rice Krispies squares, hot sauce, olive oil-topped pasta and even cotton candy.

Holiday traditions can get their own cannabis spin, such as an advent calendar available in three options: flowers only, edibles only or a combination of both.There is also the Christmas sweater you can order online emblazoned with the words GET LIT with the image of a Christmas tree underneath the text.2 Other cannabis-themed artwork can be found on sites such as Etsy, which lists gift ideas ranging from “cannabis wall clocks” to cannabis-leaf earrings.3

As you would expect, several companies have created cannabis-themed wrapping paper if you truly want to go full cannabis-friendly décor.4

The holiday season means family time which translates to those dinner-table conversations where you might want to divulge something you have been keeping in the closet. Literally. Like your cannabis stash. Being open with parents or partners about why you enjoy recreational or medical cannabis could raise more than one pair of eyebrows, but keeping that part of your lifestyle secret can do more damage than good.

After all, those unaware of what cannabis truly is and how it affects body and mind may only rely on biased information. But in person, during the festive atmosphere of the holidays, you can share some insight and evidence on cannabis’s therapeutic value and history of use. It might not be Christmas music to everyone’s ears but if you’re armed with accurate information and cogent theories on why cannabis works for you, it will be hard for your family to ignore such honesty.

Then there’s New Year’s Eve. If the booze is flowing at your party, we recommend being cautious about mixing cannabis and alcohol, since the effects of both can be exacerbated by the other. With police RIDE programs we also suggest leaving your car at home and taking a cab if you want to spark that joint just as the ball drops.

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