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The world’s largest bong. Cannabis buds you can hug. A terpenes smell station. You can find such oddities at Cannabition, billed as the world’s first interactive museum for all things cannabis.

Taking over 10,000 square feet in Las Vegas, Cannabition opened its doors in November 2018. Its founder, J.J. Walker, says in an interview he wanted to upend the traditional perspective on what a museum can be. “Many museums are artifacts-drive, which is super cool, but we wanted to be more immersive,” he says

For example, in one room visitors can touch and hug cannabis “buds” which are seven-feet-tall and made out of a mold, not dried cannabis. In another room, visitors can take a whiff of various terpenes – the essential oils of cannabis – and in another they can view Hunter S. Thompson’s original 1973 Chevrolet Caprice, Red Shark. “After all, Hunter was a big fan of cannabis,” adds Walker.

Then there’s the centerpiece of the museum – a 24-foot 800-pound bong courtesy of Jerome Baker Designs, a glass-blowing operation in Seattle.  Of course, it’s called Bongzilla.

In fact, the bong is even smokeable, provided you pack a bowl with around a quarter-pound of cannabis.

“We wanted to build a space that is both artistic and Instagrammable,” Walker says. He’s harnessing a trend that has resulted in many traditional art galleries creating less archaic and more photo-worthy exhibits, such as the Art Gallery of Ontario’s launch of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors.

Wick & Mortar, a design agency specializing in the cannabis space, worked with Walker on the right kind of “environmental graphics” and branding to set up Cannabition for launch, says the agency’s founder Jared Mirsky.

“We knew this was a one-of-a-kind project and we like the idea of touring this space yourself and not having tour guides with you every step of the way,” he notes.

In the future, Cannabition is also planning to offer free shuttles to well-known dispensaries around the area, and one of them, the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, is open 24 hours, features a drive-thru and bills itself as the largest dispensary in the world.

Walker is also looking at how to make Cannabition even more tech-savvy. “We plan on adding augmented reality to some exhibits, where you can download an app on your smartphone and then in a room where we feature our seeds and small ‘plants’ you can use your phone to see how cannabis grows, from seed to celebration.”

  1. https://cannabition.com/
  2. Via interview conducted Nov 14, 2018

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