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The truth behind the viability and efficacy of medical cannabis is a reality in many countries across the globe. Legal for medical purposes in most Western nations, including the U.S. and Canada, cannabis has found a fanbase among politicians, physicians and patients alike across the globe. In fact, it is almost a rarity to find a place where medical consumption is outlawed, which is quite remarkable given how recently developments in this area have taken shape.

In the context of medical cannabis, progress is a theme across much of South America. Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay are among the countries that have popularized the practice in Latin America. And even in places like Argentina, where it is not legal to medicate using cannabis, it is still very much accepted among the populace.1

Europe displays a similar patchwork. Countries like the Netherlands and Germany continue to lead the charge for sensible drug policies in the area of medical cannabis. There are other states, like Switzerland and Spain, where the practice is dictated less by firm policy and more by rhyme and reason. There are only a few European nations, including France, that aren’t currently at least debating and discussing the allowance of medical cannabis.

Across the East, and specifically in Arab nations and Asian countries like China and Japan, a hardline approach to cannabis of all forms is still taken. Strict penalties remain in place in many of these countries and discourse on the topic remains muted. There are some bright spots, however, like the Philippines, where a bloody war on drugs has been the state of affairs for some years, and yet the use of medical cannabis is still allowed.2

There are other countries, like Israel, Romania and Macedonia, where medical cannabis is not only a tolerated, but celebrated, alternative treatment option. Unquestionably, as education continues to expand and the science behind the therapy strengthens, so too will more countries continue to legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes.3

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