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Exploring popular cannabis strains
The variety of cannabis strains available to contemporary users is extensive. From strains low in THC and high in CBD for medical use, and strains potent in THC for recreational use, the list of available varieties has a little something for everyone. While it would be next to impossible to list the thousands of cannabis strains, it is important to have at least a working definition of some of the world’s most popular varieties.
A legendary strain that smells and tastes like it sounds, Blueberry won the High Times Cannabis Cup for top indica in 2000. Nearly 20 years into its admirable cultural run, Blueberry remains one of the most popular strains grown by cultivators in the budding legal cannabis space. To cannabis breeders, blueberry remains a prize cross for strains as varied as Blueberry Kush, Blueberry Skunk, and Blueberry Jack.1


Sour Diesel
A top pick for medical cannabis patients, Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is celebrated for its quick onset and pungent terpene profile. Characterized by a fuel-like taste and smell, Sour Diesel is also a popular strain among recreational users for its high potency and long- lasting effects.2
UK Cheese
UK Cheese possesses one of the most sought-after terpene profiles the world over. Thought to be a phenotype of one of the earliest varieties, Skunk #1, UK Cheese has an irresistible smell, a unique mix of cheese and berries. Originally bred in the UK, the strain now has a lavish reputation the world over, for both its attributes, and aroma.3
OG Kush
Though it is one of the oldest strains known to cannabis culture – originating in Florida before being moved to Los Angeles in the mid-90s – the exact origin of OG Kush is unknown. There are various phenotypes of the original OG Kush, but the strain remains an indica-dominant variety notorious for its ability to medicate, or incapacitate, depending on the potency and dose involved.4 
Blue Dream
One of the most popular new strains on the planet today, Blue Dream is a variety that combines Haze and Blueberry. A notorious sativa-based hybrid that relaxes the body and provides a cerebral high, Blue Dream originated in California and has become ubiquitous, likely for its rich terpene profile.5
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