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Hurdling the availability of cannabis products

The contemporary cannabis space is rife with new innovations, yet there are a number of factors that presently prevent patients from fully accessing the range of products available to them. Specifically, because federal laws in many countries prevent the use of cannabis in any form, research in the area has been hindered. Where cannabis is legal for medical use, there are often strict rules on what products patients can purchase.

In Canada, for instance, medical cannabis patients are legally allowed to consume cannabis in any of its forms. Still, only flowers and cannabis oils mixed in a carrier oil are allowed to be sold by licensed producers (LPs). What this means for patients is that, while there are literally dozens of products available – from edibles to shatter – only a small number can legally be purchased through the federal government’s medical cannabis system.1

Around the world, access to medical cannabis products is characterized by many different rules and regulations. In the U.S., only some states allow medical cannabis sale and use, while others like Oregon and Colorado, permit adult-use of recreational cannabis. In short, access for patients in the U.S. is geographically restricted, leading to many in states where cannabis is illegal to seek treatment elsewhere.

Some parts of Europe have long been a bastion of hope and progress from the perspective of access to medical cannabis products. In Holland, medical patients have access to government- grown strains that work to combat a range of ailments. In Spain, CBD products are readily available over the counter, though cannabis is, for intents and purposes, illegal in the country. There are number of other European countries making great strides in this area as well. In sum, what is evident when looking at the patchwork of access to medical cannabis products available globally, major strides have been made. And as more and more countries and states update their drug policies to allow for medical cannabis use, there will assuredly be even more new products made available to patients.

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