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When cannabis plants enter into the flowering cycle, it can certainly serve as a time to rejoice. After weeks, perhaps even months, of rooting and vegetation, the plants can now begin to bud and, thereby, produce the viable cannabinoids and terpenes that lend cannabis its sensory and therapeutic characteristics.

Yet, unlike propagation and the vegetative cycle, the work has only begun when the flowering process begins. In fact, from the beginning of flowering to the time the plant is harvested represents the most labour-intensive period of cannabis cultivation. It’s here that factors like environment, feeding, safeguards and plant maintenance all need to be employed.1

Setting the environment

If growing outside, environmental concerns are something of a moot point. Cannabis will always be a product of the environment it is planted in. Indoors, however, it is important to monitor variables like temperature and humidity. Spiked and drops in humidity, particularly, can result in disease, poor performance, and even total crop loss. It is recommended to keep the humidity at about 70 percent.2

Setting a feed cycle

The process of establishing a feed cycle for cannabis comes, fittingly, in two parts. First, the grower will have to select a fertilizer and supplements to feed the plant. These products usually come in a two-part mix, with one used for the vegetative cycle, and the other introduced when flowering begins. The second aspect of feeding is selecting a feed cycle. A somewhat objective process, growers employ a myriad of different cycles to cannabis cultivation. 

Checks and safeguards 

The list of checks and safeguards that can be factored into a flowering cycle is either short or extensive, depending on the grower’s tactics. While the basics of checking the electrical conductivity (EC) and PH balance are among the pre-requisites in this area, safeguards can also include daily plant inspections, spraying and sterilization, among other more menial cultivation tasks.

Basic plant maintenance

Plant maintenance should typically be quite minor during the flowering cycle, though this can vary depending on the environment and how vigorously the plant is growing. Typically speaking, it is best to avoid extensive pruning, though large fan leaves can definitely be taken off by hand, or with pruning shears. It is important to note that dead leaves and rotten flowers should quickly be removed from any plant, lest it impact other parts of the crop.

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