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Treating conditions with medical cannabis
As medical cannabis has gained acceptance as a viable treatment option over the past two decades, so too has the list of symptoms the plant has been shown to help grown. No longer is the plant merely used to treat chronic pain or extreme conditions like HIV/AIDS, it now complements nearly every therapy option available.
For patients dealing with a variety of health conditions, cannabis has been proven scientifically to help in a range of ways. Though the most common reason for using medical cannabis remains pain control, the plant’s cannabinoids, notably in concentrated form, have shown to work as an effective muscle relaxant – lessening tremors in people with Parkinson’s disease and seizures in epileptic patients.1

Where medical cannabis has perhaps gained the most traction in recent years is in its treatment of symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy. While there is still no scientific evidence to back the theory that cannabinoids kill cancer cells, studies have found that cannabis can help cancer patients cope with everything from chronic pain and vomiting, to sleep and appetite loss.2
Recent research has also pointed to an increase in the number of medical cannabis patients using the plant, in whole or in part, to help with sleep conditions, Crohn’s, nausea, and anxiety. According to some of the most notable scientists in the space, cannabis has proven to provide effective symptom relief across a full spectrum of health conditions, not reserved to those mentioned above.3
Research in the area of cannabis and the treatment of mental health conditions remains undeveloped, but promising. Military veterans, particularly those returning from conflict zones, have reported significant relief from symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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