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Canada is now the first G7 country to legalize cannabis for recreational use, but some Canadians may still be unsure of safe consumption strategies to ensure they aren’t in any hot water, criminally or socially.

A common question Canadians may be asking is: How do I consume my cannabis safely? It’s well known that smoking cannabis can give you the immediate high some users seek, but it also releases carcinogenic smoke into the lungs. As this Safe Cannabis Guide 1 “Users with compromised immune systems or lung problems should consider other methods of cannabis.”

Consuming cannabis via vaporizer is often recommended for those who are uncomfortable smoking cannabis. Also, edibles can be favourable if someone is looking for a longer-lasting effect and is familiar with the method of turning flower buds into a substance such as butter.

Finding the proper dose is also top-of-mind for many Canadian cannabis consumers. Dosage will vary from person to person but the general rule for new enthusiasts is to start low, go slow. Have a few puffs of a joint, for example, instead of enjoying the entire joint to yourself. Or, eat half a cannabis brownie instead of the entire square.

It’s also recommended to that novices use cannabis around others, in case you need assistance or feel sick.

When it comes to storing your cannabis, an expert weighs in on the ideal methods. Greg Pantelic, CEO of licensed producer Organigram, says in an interview that their cannabis products all come in child-resistant containers and in their larger packs they also contain Boveda packs to help with humidity control. “You should store your cannabis in an opaque container away from sunlight,” Pantelic adds. “I’ve heard of people storing their cannabis in the fridge but that can impact moisture buildup.”

Pentelic goes on to say it’s integral for parents who consume cannabis to ensure their product is stored safely from a child’s prying fingers. He notes, though, that if somehow a child does get into a cannabis package, eating the dried bud won’t have much of an effect, since the psychoactive properties of cannabis are only activated via heat.

Cannabis users should also be aware of their provincial regulations on where they can consume the plant, Pentelic says. In Ontario, consuming cannabis is allowed wherever smoking cigarettes is allowed, except while in a vehicle. But in Manitoba, no public consumption of cannabis is allowed. Also, some municipalities within a province, like Markham in Ontario, have decided to not allow any cannabis consumption in their region.

Even in less prohibitive provinces such as Ontario, Pentelic says, users should exhibit common sense. “Don’t smoke cannabis on a sidewalk in front of kids,” he advises. “Don’t use it in a playground where kids might be around.”

It’s not just joint smoke that could bother civil society. Asking around for cannabis on the street is very gauche, as is vaping in a private residence if you haven’t requested permission to do so. Just like how cigarette smokers have to exhibit self-control in public situations, so too should cannabis consumers.

  1. https://www.safecannabisuse.com/dosing/

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