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It’s bad enough when children sneak out of their bed to eat cookie dough or Nutella, but the situation could be a lot more dire if those curious hands get a hold of their parents’ cannabis stash.

Keeping cannabis out of children’s reach is a priority for many toking parents, and as you’d expect there are many options available, with some being obvious and other ideas being quite novel.

Parents could safeguard their dried bud and oil in a container or box far from their children. That box could be kept on a high shelf or in area only the parents have a key to. Fancy humidors with a lock-and-key, which usually house cigars, can also keep cannabis fresh.

Another option would be to place the stash where children don’t care to pry, such as a tin of coffee or an empty package of prunes. Do you know a child who’s got a hankering for a cup of coffee and a couple prunes late at night?

Some American counties where cannabis is legal even floated the idea of giving out lock boxes with a cannabis purchase, but many of those laws were shot down when voters ruled handing out free gear at cannabis shops was against the rules.

Canada can learn from the U.S. According to a 2016 report, around 14,000 Colorado homes with children between one and 14 years old had cannabis in “potentially unsafe storage.”1

To avoid a similar situation, Canada has already mandated that all cannabis packaging must contain child-safety locks or zippers, which are indeed difficult for even an adult to open. But the problem sometimes doesn’t rest with the packaging; cannabis users take the product out of the pouch or box to roll or fill their vaping devices, and they may forget to put it back in the packaging. That’s where trouble can start, and some experts believe it’s integral for parents to have honest conversations with children about their medication or recreational hobby.

“Children need to be told what cannabis is, how it’s used medically, and consequences of using it too much,” says Deepak Anand, the Vice President of Government Relations at Cannabis Compliance Inc. “Every parent should have transparent conversations with their kids about cannabis.”2

The real issue with keeping children away from cannabis is focused on edibles, which won’t be available in Canada until late 2019. Still, when cannabis desserts and apps start to make their way into Canadian homes, parents will have to be extra vigilant with safe-guarding products others would just stick into the fridge and leave be.

“Current forms of cannabis like oils and seeds can’t be confused with other stuff but a cannabis brownie could be,” notes Anand.  He expects to see warning labels and brazen packaging clearly noting the product contains THC and is psychoactive.

The good news is that parents have already had practice with this type of child-proofing. “If any parent has alcohol around the house, they know how to be responsible enough to keep those bottles away from their children, so it’s not much different,” says Anand.

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