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After a long-standing break, humanity has again started to shift its attention to the potential for hemp along a number of commercial and therapeutic lines. Though somewhat attached to the stigma associated with cannabis sativa, hemp has no euphoric properties and has for thousands of years been an integral part of society. The list of items – clothing, food and drink, health and beauty products – that hemp is now incorporated into is extensive.

First, hemp can be used for its cannabinoids. Like cannabis, hemp houses vital cannabinoids, namely CBD, that can be extracted and used across a range of applications. From lotions and balms to beauty products, hemp is more than ever being sold and used as an herbal remedy. These products can often be found in health stores, alongside other supplements and over-the-counter therapy aids.1 

There is a new wave of companies that claim hemp as a superfood. These product lines often sell hemp seeds, which are reported to have tremendous health benefits, as their primary product. Other popular hemp-infused food and drink products includes herbal teas, energy bars, beer, and even pet treats.2

In addition to its raw seeds being consumed more readily by patients and consumers, hemp seed oil and hemp flour are used more often in healthy recipes. The latter is a gluten free source of energy that is 33% protein. For a person who grapples with gluten or dairy allergies, hemp seed flour can serve as an optimum alternative when baking and cooking.

A new spin on an old tradition, hemp is being used to make shirts, pants, sunglasses, jackets and shoes, to name a handful. Large companies like Adidas have even labelled their hemp campaigns as eco-friendly, touting their hemp line as the future of a new industry. One of their latest models, fittingly incorporates hemp into one the company’s oldest designs.3 

Some of the most recent advances in the hemp space include cleaning products, cleansers, sunscreen, and essential and massage oil. There are now hemp-based automobiles and dog toys, curtains and detergent. The list of applications for the use of hemp is nearly as extensive as the imagination is limitless.

Like cannabis, its psychoactive relative, hemp is something of an enigma with a world of potential waiting to be explored. As cultivating the plant for its cannabinoids, but also its commercial and industrial benefits becomes more common, the prospect of hemp again becoming a crop grown openly, and used everywhere, seems more and more likely.

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