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Can cannabis improve my sexual health?

The notion that cannabis holds a key to treating some health conditions is, like many topics being explored under the banner of the blossoming industry, a question of clinical and recreational importance. With most information in the space reserved to culture and lore, a dearth of promising anecdotal evidence has emerged in recent years which supports the theory that medical cannabis can, quite possibly, improve your sexual health.

The prospect that an edible shared between two lovers, or a cannabis-based topical, can potentially enhance the connection one or both parties experience during intimacy, may be obvious to you. Less so, perhaps, is the line of cannabis products – suppositories, lubricants and transdermal oils – emerging to help with everything from hip issues to menstrual cramps.

Hoping to relax during intercourse, or even treat a chronic health condition? A cannabis-based suppository may work. Looking to add a therapeutic element to your sexual experiences? Incorporating cannabis-based oils or lubricants may help. When used in concert with a set of best practices, medical cannabis is said to provide a singular solution, to innumerable health conditions.1 

Enhance and Connect

Intimacy remains an elusive reality for many couples, and individuals. Though the reasons for those complications are too numerous to number, suggestions are that using cannabis in its rawest form, by inhalation or ingestion, can help people and partners relax when the lights go out.

One of the most inherently exciting prospects for medical cannabis, in the context of sexual health, is the plant’s potential to enhance both intimate relationships, and renew an individual’s interest in his or her personal health. Moving to try a cannabis-based topical or lubricant could prove a surefire way to spark a new, or renew a past, flame.

Relax and Recover

There is an ever-expanding platform of cannabis-based health products, intended to both help patients relax, and recreational consumers revel. In addition to the aforementioned lubricants, the use of extracted cannabis, consumed orally in an oil or edible, remains a celebrated means of exploiting the plant’s holistic and medicinal properties.

Perhaps the most popular outfit in the space, Foria is behind a line of cannabis-based sexual health products designed, primarily, for women. The California and Colorado-based company’s cannabis and coconut oil extract is designed to enhance performance between partners, while its suppositories are reported to provide relief from a range of chronic and acute health conditions.

  1. Ladies: Cannabis products for better sex are here. http://ellementa.com/2018/04/12/ladies-cannabis-products-sex/

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