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Traditionally, whole cannabis flowers and concentrates have been incorporated into sexual health treatment programs. Whether vaping to decrease the anxiety associated with sex from some, or smoking hash to increase the sensation for others, cannabis has for centuries been used in the context of sexual health.

These days, the list of contemporary cannabis products that have been developed exclusively for sexual health is somewhat extensive. That roster includes lubes, sprays and suppositories. While some are used to help pacify acute or chronic sexual health conditions, others still are used strictly to help promote intimacy.


Sexual health products with a cannabis or CBD oil base have become increasingly popular in recent years. Most of these products can be massaged onto the body or erogenous zone before sex and help to relax users before becoming intimate. Available in various cannabinoid concentrations, these oils are typically used by both men and women to help stimulate sexual health practices for almost purely recreational purposes. Though, these oils can still be used in a therapeutic capacity.


While cannabis-based sexual health lubes are primarily still considered oil products, they can be used, mostly by women, to both enhance experiences and sideline sexual health conditions. Often, these lubes are high enough in cannabinoids to actually impact both the body’s cognitive and physiological functions. Because of its versality, cannabis-based lubes marketed at those looking to improve their sex lives are now ubiquitous.


One of the newest additions to the roster of sophisticated cannabis-based sexual health products added to the market in recent years, suppositories have been found to provide significant relief from pre-menstrual syndrome. Some reports have suggested that suppositories can help to relieve the symptoms associated with PMS in less than 20 minutes. For obvious reasons, the popularity of these products has increases exponentially since first being introduced to patients.1


Likely the most recognized cannabis-based sexual health lineup in the space, Foria has developed an entire family of products aimed at female sexual health. The company’s cannabis-infused coconut oil spray was named the “sex product of the year” by GQ when it was first released. Foria also makes suppositories for PMS symptoms and one to help enhance the pleasure associated with intercourse.2 

The company has even recently developed a CBD-based alternative to its Pleasure product. Similar to its sister product, Foria’s latest formula contains a substance called kava kava, which works to stimulate CB1 cannabionoid receptors in the human brain and body and, like THC, can work as an effective sexual health product.

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