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The term vaporizer is an important one in the context of consuming cannabis for medical or adult recreational use. In recent years, these devices have become one of the most popular means of consuming whole flowers, or buds, and cannabis derivatives like shatter and wax. Unfortunately, for patients and many people new to cannabis, vaporizers remain something of an enigmatic tool.1

Confusion abounds on a count, really, of one theme – variety. There are so many different types of vaporizers on the market today that it can be difficult to grasp what the difference between, and value of, a desktop, portable or pre-loaded vape cartridge is. In addition to this consequential point is the type of cannabis product – flower, oil, wax or shatter that can be housed in, and consumed from, each of the different types of vaporizers.

Desktop Vaporizers

Altogether the most rudimentary and robust option on the cannabis market today is the desktop vaporizer. Most desktop vapes, as they’re colloquially known, present a simple and efficient means of consuming cannabis in a safe manner. While easy to use, desktops often come with a higher price tag than their portable counterparts because of the options that are available with them. Oftentimes, these larger units – which can be positioned on a table or, as the name suggests, a desk – can be used to consume both flowers or and buds, or concentrates like oil, shatter, wax and budder. Some of the top units in the category include the Volcano by Storz andBickel, which is an approved medical device, the ExtremeQ by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, and the VapirRise 2.0.

Portable Vaporizers

Easily the most popular option for anyone looking to adopt the practice of vaporizing is the purchase of a portable unit. Incredibly slick and convenient, the portable vaporizer allows both flowers cannabis and concentrates like wax and oil to be consumed quickly and effectively. One drawback to the personal vaporizer, however is that most can only consume flowers or concentrates, with only a few options that allow for both. There is presently a laundry list of different units, styles and types to choose from, which can add a little to the confusion at the onset, but most any vaporizer on the market will achieve the primary goal for which it was designed: medicating and consuming cannabis. Some of the most popular models available today include the Mighty Medic by Storz and Bickel, the Arizer Solo and the Pax varieties. From an all-inclusive standpoint, this list could well include dozens of other companies that make stalwart and reliable portable vaporizers.2

Pre-Loaded Vaporizers

This category of vaporizer is a relatively new entrant to the cannabis industry, but also presents one of the most exciting and discreet options for consumers. Vape cartridges and pre-loaded vape pens typically constitute a disposal unit filled with concentrated cannabis oil. Both potent and efficient, most of these devices come equipped with a metering safeguard that allows only a specific dose to be emitted per puff. From the perspective of medicating with cannabis, it’s plain to see why these units have become so popular – they take the question of dosing off the table. Consumers can easily employ the principal of dosing low and going slow, simply sipping an extra puff to increase the dosage. There are hundreds of companies now producing these pre-loaded units, and that number continues to grow as the cannabis industry evolves.3

While the variety and sheer number of options available has assuredly led to some confusion about how best to adopt the practice of vaporizing, it’s that same versatility that is promoting the increasing use of these devices. Whether looking to medicate at home using a desktop vape, staying on the move with a portable device, or keeping it discreet with a pre-loaded cartridge, there is a vaporizer to suit every disposition and lifestyle. The only challenge remaining is finding the right fit.

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