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Depending on the lens affixed to the discussion, cannabis can either be one of the easiest or hardest crops on the planet to cultivate. For centuries, cannabis sativa pushed up wildly, naturally, in the Himalayas and other parts of the globe, like Mongolia and Afghanistan. In recent decades, as cannabis has been domesticated and grown for both commercial and therapeutic reasons, it has also found a home in indoor and greenhouse settings.

Outdoor Cultivation

For many reasons, growers and breeders continue to reap the benefits of this naturally occurring annual plant. Outdoor conditions – even during the summer months in colder climates – provide an ideal place to plant and grow cannabis. In fact, there are very few places in the world where cannabis can’t be cultivated, and regional cultivars have gained in popularity among connoisseurs. In terms of simplicity, little needs to be done to maintain outdoors plants, as they will find all the sunlight, water and nutrients needed under the elements. For many green thumbs and organic growers, there is simply no substitute for outdoor conditions, which explains why this method remains highly popular, despite the many variables and threats the process poses.

Indoor Cultivation

To limit the risks inherently associated with outdoor cultivation, cannabis growers have increasingly started to move the plant indoors. It’s in this setting that much of the premium cannabis is grown globally, and there are specific reasons for these results. Rather than being at the mercy of mother nature’s tendencies, cannabis grown indoors is characterized by consistency. Breeders and growers who grow indoors can customize every aspect of the process, from the temperature and humidity, to the light exposure and feed cycle. Because cannabis requires the perfect mix of light, water, nutrients and other subtle features like PH (acidity) and EC (electrical conductivity), indoor growing is the preferred method for most commercial and even residential cultivators.1 

Greenhouse Cultivation

For somewhat obvious reasons, greenhouses represent the latest trend in cannabis cultivation. A greenhouse provides growers the best of both worlds – the use of the sun, and the quality controls of an indoor facility. Even in colder climates, greenhouses, which often use supplemental lighting, allow for year-round harvests, which is hugely beneficial in the context of commercial cultivation. In addition, greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular because of the sustainability factor, and the scale at which crops can be produced. With astronomical costs associated to powering large indoor locations, and with large-scale outdoor grows riddled with variables, greenhouses have quickly become an incredibly effective, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to grow the cannabis plant.2

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