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The days of setting and forgetting cannabis plants are long gone. There are few breeders and growers who simply plant their crops and walk away, hoping that the latest round of yields is better than the last. In fact, the opposite is very much the truth. Contemporary cultivation techniques now number in the dozens, with a handful of styles being held up as the most effective means of maximizing the strength and volume of the yield.

The Screen of Green Technique

Known in short as the SCROG method, the screen of green technique is one of the easiest ways to increase cannabis crops, particularly when working with small plant numbers or limited spacing. Simply, it involves draping the canopy in a screen and spreading the colas (tops) of the branches, known as shoots, out across the screen. Where a vertical grow permits only a select number of shoots to grow up toward the lights or sun, SCROG ensures that nearly every branch can get maximum exposure, thus increasing the overall yield by a significant margin.1  

Topping and Lollipopping

A common practice among cannabis cultivators, topping is one of the simplest means of getting the most out of the plant. The process involves, as its name suggests, cutting down the top cola of the plant so that energy can be redistributed to lower shoots. Rather than the plant expending its energy to serve the top cola, which typically pushes highest toward the lights or sun, topping allows all of the shoots to receive equal energy. Lollipopping is the complete opposite technique, involving taking down all of the side shoots and branches so that the plant can focus all of its energy on the top cola. Each method has its advantages and, as with most elements of cannabis cultivation, is a subjective matter based on preference and performance.

Monster and Super Cropping Plants

A rudimentary, yet effective, technique, monster cropping is the process of taking a cutting from a flowering cannabis plant and reintroducing it into the vegetative cycle. This allows an already-healthy and strong plant to begin the cultivation cycle all over again. Imagine a teenager playing dodgeball with elementary students! Super cropping, on the other hand, is a grow style that sees the main cola of the cannabis plant bent to the point of almost breaking. The technique allows for increased nutrient uptake and, in turn, stronger plants, and higher yields.2

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