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How to avoid paranoia when consuming cannabis
Though no products yet exist that will eliminate the unwanted effects of cannabis paranoia, there are certainly cultural tips, adopted as truths, that are reported to be able to help. In case you ever find yourself up against that rare, but scary, menace, we’ve outlined a number of tools you can use.
Titrating responsibly is easily the soundest means of combatting your cannabis-induced anxiety – before it happens. Whether consuming edibles, oils or flowers, a strong general rule is to start with a low dose and increase only incrementally, as you need. Cannabinoid content is perhaps even more important than proper dosing. To avoid the paranoia issue altogether, again here, it is generally best to start with products low in THC, higher in CBD, and work your way up.
In the thousands of years that humans have been using cannabis as a therapy, there has yet to be one reported or recorded death from the direct consumption of the plant, or its parts. That fact
alone can prove enough to pacify your fear when a strong cannabis-induced anxiety attack takes hold. Other mindful tactics that have been reported to help, include breathing and relaxation techniques, or simply taking a walk.
Water can work for you in a couple of ways when overwhelmed by the effects of your cannabis. The first step, simply, is to pour a glass. Drinking a cup or two of water may help settle your system and, certainly, get rid of any dry mouth. Taking a warm shower or bath can also help slow your heartrate and, in turn, relax your mind.
Facilitate is, for its simplicity, a fascinating verb. By definition, the term means, “to make easier.” When looking to combat cannabis-induced anxiety, anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming black pepper, which is high in the terpene caryophyllene, can help pacify unwanted effects. While there is no scientific basis for this remedy, much anecdotal evidence suggests black pepper can be a short-term solution to an adverse reaction to cannabis.

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