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How to talk to your family about medical cannabis
The decision to adopt cannabis as a treatment option is, like most significant changes in life, very personal. Whether you’ve decided to incorporate medical cannabis into your routine to treat chronic pain, sleep issues, cancer symptoms or social anxiety, you’ve likely done so primarily for one reason: to feel better.
You may, however, feel the need to discuss your choice with loved ones. Because most big decisions in life are as personal as they are familial, discussing your treatment plan with the people in your support network can be an important means of building empathy for, and understanding of, your choice.
Be Open and Honest
There are few threats more insidious than deception. A quiet lie under the mat of a relationship is a shaky roof overhead, that leaks when it rains. In cannabis, as in life, the best policy is honesty.
Confronted with the truth of your choice and the results of your treatment, you will find that most friends and family members will understand, and even support, your decision. Some may even have more knowledge of the topic than you could have ever imagined! And for those who refuse to see it your way, simply remind them of the positive results you’ve experienced.
Help Inform and Educate
Cannabis is the basis for a new, and complex, conversation. From product types and proper dosing, to strain selection and delivery methods, the particulars of medical cannabis are not easy to understand. As someone who now holds some of the answers to the many questions people have about treatment, you can help to inform friends and family. Health Canada figures show a 32-percent increase in the number of Canadians using medical cannabis since 2016. In future, as recreational cannabis reform becomes a reality, still more people will look to understand and adopt medical cannabis. You can now help make that choice a more informed one!

Clear Smoke from the Air
When many people think of cannabis, they think fire and smoke – joints, pipes and bongs. Speaking with your friends and family members about your choice to use medical cannabis, you may find that some are still of the mindset that this is the reality. Again here, you have an opportunity to enlighten those who may only be set against the topic for a lack of knowledge about the plant.
If you’re preparing to discuss your decision with loved ones, be certain to remind them that cannabis needn’t, necessarily, be smoked. In addition to vaporizers, which eliminate about 90 percent of the impurities that come from combustion, medical cannabis can also be consumed in tinctures, topicals, oils and edibles. To a family member unfamiliar with that fact, it may be the difference between an abrupt end, or an exciting start, to a new conversation.

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