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Understanding the basics of cannabis accessories
Incorporating cannabis into your daily routine can, unquestionably, come with a set of light challenges. Chief among those is perhaps understanding the lexicon associated with ancillary cannabis products. When getting started with treatment, the difference between a paper and vape, or pipe and bong, may be unclear.
Like a course in advanced microbiology, cannabis terminology can be tricky. Proverbial question marks hang over the head of the average student new to medical, or recreational, cannabis. You’re perhaps no different. To help simplify the matter, we’ve broken down the basics of a few ancillary cannabis products in hopes of helping you get started.
Vaporizer represent an altogether efficient and effective sidearm to almost any cannabis treatment. Commonly known as a vape and available as a desktop or portable device, vaporizers are designed to permit for the inhalation of cannabis flowers or concentrates. Providing a quick onset with a fraction of the impurities associated with combustion, vaping is among the healthiest ways to consume cannabis.
Still one of the most expedient means of consumption, the pipe – a staple of cultural significance – is a simple and affordable option for anyone looking to medicate with cannabis. With a considerably low price point affixed to the average pipe (though some pieces fetch thousands), the device provides an affordable entry point to a treatment plan that includes the inhalation of cannabis flowers.
Agelessly among the most popular methods of administration, a rolled joint remains one of the most convenient, and classic, means of consuming cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. Available at most convenience stores, gas station or head shop, rolling papers provide patients one of the quickest ways to medicate with flower cannabis.
While something of a relic, the bong continues to factor into most ancillary cannabis conversations. Significant for filtering cannabis smoke through water, the device lends patients the benefit of a rapid onset through inhalation, while leading to a lighter draw than, say, a joint or pipe.
A relatively new entrant to the ancillary cannabis space, the humidor is colloquially known as a “cannador,” and traditionally designed to suit cigar collections. Popular among patients and recreational users for a number of reasons, most cannadors come outfitted with a lock. Primarily, the cannador works to maintain an ideal humidity to store cannabis flowers.



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