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What is cannabis treatment?
What is cannabis treatment? Cannabis treatment is the use of the cannabis plant, or any of its components, as a therapeutic agent. Specifically, treatment involves the consumption of all or some of the plant’s matter, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, to achieve a desired therapeutic result.
The plant can either be consumed in part, typically involving the administration of one or more cannabinoid; or it can be consumed in whole, producing a phenomenon known, culturally, as the “entourage effect.”
Significantly, cannabis presents patients with one of the most robust therapy options available. Where the term alone often conjures up the image of someone smoking, inhalation is but one of the ways medical cannabis can be consumed. Products like edible oils, tinctures and topical ointments are also part of the contemporary cannabis conversation.
Because of its penchant for producing a rapid onset, inhalation reigns as the most common means of administering medical cannabis. Effects of inhalation are known to take shape almost instantaneously and, in terms of treating acute symptoms and health conditions, inhalation is rivalled only by sublingual administration.
Vaporizing, more commonly known as vaping, is one of the most effective inhalation options available to patients. Using many of the popular cannabis accessories on the market – rolling papers, pipes and bongs – cannabis treatment can include the consumption of cannabis flowers and concentrates by combustion.

Also among the most popular methods of administration, ingestion is a popular choice for the treatment of chronic health conditions. Products like cannabis oils and edibles offer patients the benefit of prolonged effects, though with a slower onset. Depending on the diet of the individual, ingestion can take effect in as quick as fifteen minutes, and last over three hours.
Ingestible cannabis products come in a range of forms and varieties. That list includes, but is not limited to, edible oils, capsules and products like baked goods. A somewhat more discreet means of adopting cannabis treatment, ingestion is an effective way to consume particular compounds, namely cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Consumed in the form of a liquid tincture – an alcohol-based cannabis extract – sublingual products have traditionally been a popular component of medical cannabis treatments. Diffused into the bloodstream through mucous membranes under the tongue, sublingual products are characterized by both rapid onset, and prolonged effect.
Transdermal products present patients with perhaps the most inviting introduction to a cannabis-based treatment. Cannabis-infused oils and lotions are non-abrasive therapy options that, most often, possess no psychoactive properties. A space that continues to expand as interest in cannabis evolves, the transdermal category also includes time-release patches, and sexual health products.

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