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Safety and Usage

Safety is paramount and there are many factors to consider when potentially consuming cannabis, from where it's purchased and stored to responsible usage and method of ingestion.

Safety and Usage

Learn how to store and consume cannabis responsibly, read about differing methods of ingestion and get tips on how to talk to family members about potential cannabis usage.

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Protecting Children from Cannabis

This course will lend an introduction into some best practices for safeguarding kids from cannabis. Education and discourse, discreet use, and proper storage will all be discussed.

Exploring Products and Delivery Methods

This course will look at a number of cannabis products and also the best method of consuming each. In particular, we will explore how flowers can be both smoked and vaped; how oils can be vaped, smoked, and ingested; and the proper application of topicals.

Exploring Various Vaporizer Options

A game of word association with the term vaporizer is likely to conjure up a different image in nearly every person who considers the thought. This course will break those options - handheld, desktop, and pre-loaded - into categories, and look at the products that should be consumed using each respective device.

Learning About Product Labels

Health Canada’s white labels may well help protect people from the apparent evils of cannabis branding, but they are also confusing. This course will work to provide a translation of all the pertinent points and features of these labels.