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Explore different methods of ingestion, stay up-to-date on accessories designed to facilitate therapeutic usage, and learn how cannabis can help benefit your daily health routine.

Wellness Courses

With so many cannabis options available for patients seeking an effective alternative to their current pain management, it’s vital to understand how to safely approach its usage.

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An Introduction To Cannabis Treatment

An overview of the merits of medical cannabis and CBD in the context of various ailments.

20 Points

Delving Into Delivery Methods And Dosing

An aid to learning how to properly dose medical cannabis when consuming dried flowers and oils for therapeutic purposes.

20 Points

Medicating With Cannabis By Ingestion

An exploration of the various delivery methods available to contemporary medical cannabis patients.

20 Points

Investigating the Relationship Between Cannabis and Mental Illness

A responsible introduction to cannabis and mental health, this course will investigate some of the research being conducted in the areas of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety, among other disorders.

20 Points

Setting Up a Cannabis Homegrow

Review the basics of how to set up a cannabis homegrow. This course will explore the ins and outs of homegrow: spacing, substrates, fertilizers, supplements, and fixtures.

20 Points

The Basics Of Dabbing

An answer to a question that piques many recreational and medical consumers in the cannabis space: what is dabbing?

20 Points

Understanding the Insurance Rights of Cannabis Patients

Insurance concerns are becoming a theme in the cannabis space and this course will look at the challenges and questions it poses by answering how best to discuss the topic with insurance companies, employers and family members.

20 Points

Treating Conditions With Cannabis Topicals

An examination of the benefits of cannabis topicals as a therapeutic agent, including an overview of the products available to patients.

20 Points

A Historical Exploration Of The Tincture

A look at one of the oldest, and most popular, means of medicating acute symptoms with a medical cannabis extract: tinctures.

20 Points

Learning About Cannabis Devices

An exploration of some of the devices available to medical cannabis users, including vaporizers and pre-loaded oil pens.

20 Points

An Overview Of Cannabis Accessories

A historical, cultural and commercial overview of essential cannabis accessories like bongs, pipes, rolling papers, and cannadors.

20 Points

Employing Proper Safeguards And Procedures

A series of consumer safeguards, including how to avoid a powerful high, and how to speak with a doctor about medical cannabis.

20 Points

Exploring the benefits of cannabis oil

An exploration of the benefits of both medicating and microdosing with cannabis oils. The course will also look at the various delivery methods for consuming oils, and some of the conditions patients are using cannabis oils to treat.

20 Points

Investigating the ins and outs of the entourage effect

Investigating one of the most curious aspects of cannabis delivery: the unquestionable fullness of the high provided by whole flower cannabis consumed by combustion. This phenomenon, known as the entourage effect, is far more than a cultural myth, and this course will delve into the discussion.

20 Points

The basics of growing at home

A short introduction to best practices to growing your own medical cannabis.

20 Points

Exploring the Medical Merits of THC

Debunk the myth that THC is strictly a recreational product because of its psychoactive properties and explore the medical benefits of cannabis’ most notorious cannabinoid.

20 Points

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