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  • Post Time Posted March 07, 2019
Leading a collaboration of leaders in Canada’s recreational cannabis industry, Kim Wilson is making corporate social responsibility a key pillar of the new Global Cannabis Partnership (GCP).1 As its marketing materials explain, “the Partnership works to create international standards for the safe and responsible production, distribution and consumption of legal recreational cannabis.”

Cannvas.me wanted to learn more about why Wilson, executive director of the GCP, got involved in this space and what consumers can expect from this important collaboration of key players within the cannabis industry.

Cannvas.me: What got you interested in cannabis in the first place?

Kim Wilson: I’ve been involved in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arena for 11 years and when I was informed about the cannabis market and impending legalization, I started looking at cannabis with more interest and I saw an opportunity in a nascent industry that could benefit from my CSR experience.

I used to work at the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, looking at CSR, so I transitioned right from gaming to cannabis and I was able to transfer my skills and knowledge to the cannabis industry.

Cannvas. me: What does CSR mean for the cannabis industry in Canada?

KW: It’s about setting standards that go above and beyond what minimally is required, from a legal perspective. It’s really about elevating a commitment to responsibility in a demonstrable way, such as being transparent, and setting standards. It relates to being conscious about the impact one has within the industry and minimizing that impact and contributing in positive ways.

CSR can relate to environmental practices, inclusion in the workplace, disclosure, and much more. 

Cannvas. me: How will the GCP’s successes filter down to the consumer? What will the consumer get out of this partnership?

KW: Whenever someone purchases products or interacts with companies that are members of the GCP they can know these are companies operating within a regulated environment. They can also know these are companies that are transparent on how they operate and are deeply committed to safe production of products and you can trust what you are buying. This Partnership can also help to reduce stigma and provide comfort to consumers.

Cannvas.me: How will the Partnership help solve the issue of ensuring cannabis products truly have the ingredients they claim to have?

KW: For our members, we will be implementing safety and quality management protocols they will have to follow from seed to sale. The second layer of this means developing an assessment process where members apply to be accredited for their effort and reviewed by an assessment panel.

Cannvas.me: What do you find most fulfilling about your role at the GCP?

KW: I love working with a diverse group of members. I’m so deeply impressed by everyone’s level of enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. People in this industry are certainly passionate about doing their part to be involved in something new and exciting and I think that energy is truly gratifying to see. 

  1. https://www.globalcannabispartnership.com/

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