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  • Post Time Posted March 19, 2019

There are a number of things that should be taken into consideration when considering discussing medical cannabis with your physician. The first is to prepare yourself with knowledge before going in to speak with your physician about medical cannabis, as the lack of preparation would be the fastest way to end the conversation even before it begins.

Begin by asking your physician about what they know about medical cannabis and what it is currently indicated for, as this approach would avoid any biases they would have with regards to patients asking for medical cannabis.

Focus on your most concerning medical and/or psychiatric issues. If your physician has been consistently monitoring your medication regimen, then he or she may have a good idea about what is working optimally, and what is not. If this is the case, then asking your physician about what they have experience in treating with medical cannabis is appropriate. If, however, they do not have any or very little experience in treating patients with medical cannabis, then you maybe able to guide them. By providing appropriate and reliably sourced information that you have researched, your physician may review the literature and let you know if this type of treatment option is appropriate and safe for your specific medical concerns.

Talk to your physician about what you have learned about medical cannabis and its indications. This will help your physician determine your level of readiness when it comes to considering using it as an adjuvant or supportive treatment for certain symptoms of your condition(s).

Be open and committed to receiving education on all the aspects of medical cannabis that will be needed for safe and effective use and likely positive therapeutic outcomes. Cooperate with your healthcare provider and develop a plan to begin, monitor and adjust the treatment regimen of medical cannabis safely.

Always ask about any and all risk factors involving your specific usage of medical cannabis and the potential for harm as a result of accidental misuse of medical cannabis by yourself or anyone in your daily life who may be exposed, or have access, to it.

Following these steps will help build a positive relationship with your physician and other healthcare providers regarding the potential use of medical cannabis. This is all in an effort to safely improve your quality of life and determine if medical cannabis is right for you, particularly when you are addressing a chronic or acute medical condition.

Before You Go Checklist

Know before you go! Here is a checklist that you can print off and check off before you see your physician.


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