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  • Post Time Posted October 29, 2018

Before one can begin to grow cannabis plants, it’s important to understand the basics of starting materials. Without either seeds or clones, it is impossible to flower cannabis plants. Thus, establishing a concept of how to achieve the goal of growing cannabis at home can be invaluable to cannabis cultivation. 

There are a number of ways to germinate seeds, and most are quite easy. For the sake of simplicity, let us look at two popular methods of readying seeds for cultivation. The first is somewhat more complex, and will involve a few household items, while the second is as easy as filling a glass with water.

The Tissue Method:

Often regarded as the best means of germinating seeds, this method will require two plates, some tissue paper, and water. To begin, line the bottom of the first plate with a layer of wet tissues and drain any excess water from the plate. Next, place another layer of wet tissue on top of the seeds, which should be in the middle of the plate, and drain any excess water.1

Cover the first plate with the second plate, forming a clam-like shape, and this will create the perfect environment – dark and moist – for germination to take place. After moving the plates away from direct light, it is recommended that the seeds are checked daily to make sure the tissue does not dry out. If it does, spray it with water to keep it moist.

Lastly, the seeds should begin to sprout a tap root within roughly three days from when germination commences. That said, some seeds and strains will command up to 10 days to sprout. No worries if it does take that long, simply keep the environment moist and roots should ultimately form. 

The Water Method:

At the opposite end of the simplicity spectrum is the second means of germinating cannabis seeds, often called the water method. This can be achieved by soaking cannabis seeds in a glass of water for 24 hours, or until a tap root begins to take shape. After the root forms, place the seeds on a moist paper tower until the tap root is long enough to plant.2

Once the tap root has formed, using either the tissue method or the water method, the seeds can then be planted and the vegetative cycle can begin. Again, in order to grow out female cannabis flowers, seeds must first be germinated, and much care taken to ensure the plant’s introduction to a healthy environment.

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