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Depending on a few factors, getting to the point of flowering cannabis plants can either be easier or much harder when propagating clones. For anyone who can access clones, sometimes called cuttings, either from their own plants or from one of the few companies that sell them, this is by far the best method of growing out cannabis plants.

Starting from a clone can be advantageous for a number of reasons. First, because the origin of the genetics is generally known, taking clones through the vegetative cycle and into flower can come with less variables than when starting from seeds. This is because the cuttings typically come from a trusted grower or, better yet, one’s own crop. 

So how do you go about propagating clones? Thankfully, the process is much simpler than it sounds. Really all it takes is the starting material, some sterilization equipment, cloning gel, cloning plugs and, at its most technical, a propagator. Though, only commercial growers and connoisseurs typically use the latter.

In order to propagate a cannabis clone, first make sure the entire area is sanitized. Pathogens love small plants, so be extra careful at this stage. Secondly, dip the tip of the clone into a cloning gel to stimulate rotting and place the cutting into a cloning plug. These plugs come in many forms, but coco and peat are by far the most popular mediums 1.

If using an automatic cloning machine, the job is virtually done. Place the plugs into the propagator and begin the vegetative cycle. Otherwise place the cutting in a propagation dome and set it in the ideal environment for vegetation. The next step is to begin flowering out the plants, which will quickly start to grow when rooted properly.

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