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Under the umbrella of the ever-evolving cannabis industry, there are more career options than ever. Where the culture once only housed a handful of avenues for generating a salary – and most of those were illicit – cannabis is a treasure trove for nearly every brand and stripe of professional on the planet. From cultivators to marketers, this budding industry seems to have a job for everyone, and schools that can help one build the necessary skillset are becoming ubiquitous.

For the Greenthumb

Likely the most obvious and popular job in the cannabis sector, working with the plants is a skill set in high demand. To help students obtain jobs in the space, there are a number of colleges, mostly in Canada and the U.S., offering cannabis cultivation courses. For the most part, these programs cover every aspect of cannabis cultivation – from cloning and rooting, to harvesting and trimming.

For the Artist

Cannabis holds a myriad of options for arts students. Not only can visual artists and graphic designers find schools that will help them get the skills needed to get started in the industry, but so can marketers, writers and public relations specialists. There is no shortage of opportunities for arts and communication majors in this industry, and there are dozens of colleges now offering courses in the space.

For the Scientist

To equip the industry with one of its most exciting branches, colleges have started offering specialty cannabis courses for scientists looking to work with cannabis. These studies usually include everything from lab technology to research and development, and even microbiology. As the space continues to expand along the lines of strong scientific advancement, so too are students and institutions readying to meet that challenge and demand.

For the Businessperson

Easily one of the most popular trajectories for many people looking to enter the cannabis industry, there are no shortage of business opportunities in the sector. Since both medical and adult-use cannabis are now realities, there are endless options for business-minded students, and colleges like Harvard, the University of California and Ohio State University are just some of the world-renowned schools currently helping to equip business students with the skills they need to enter the space.

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