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When Connecticut resident Dan Michaels was working at a medical cannabis company in 2014, he was exploring various strains and soon became interested in documenting “the nuances in all the phenotypes they were considering to scale-up in production,” as he explains in an interview.

Since the business didn’t have anything to help in the decision-making process, he developed and designed a simple one-page sheet that gave everyone the ability to jot down vital information from their smoking sessions. “This in turn allowed us to compare, contrast, and critique each phenotype in a constructive and open dialog,” he adds.

Thus was born his cannabis log book Green: A Marijuana Journal, published by Chronicle and available online for $11 US.1

Cannabis Journals Are Enjoying Their Big Moment Now
As its site explains, “This handy journal features a primer on pot basics, fill-in diary pages, and top ten lists to inspire new experiences.”

So why should someone write down their cannabis experiences in such a journal? Michaels says: “There is always something new to learn and discover and often times important details can get overlooked or forgotten in the moment. Being able to take a look back at my own notes is a great way to collect and recollect all the distinct characteristics and experiences of each session.”

Green isn’t alone in the increasingly busy space of cannabis journals, whether used by medical cannabis patients or recreational users. A quick search on Amazon reveals dozens of patient journals targeting the cannabis industry, with one company coming up over and over again - Goldleaf.

Goldleaf specializes in cannabis log books, thanks to offering seven different types of journals, such as one focused on medical cannabis patients and another for pet owners who medicate their pets with cannabis.

“Our revenue growth has doubled every year, for several years,” says Goldleaf president and co-founder Charles McElroy, in an interview from his Cincinnati office. These types of journal are so in-demand that Goldleaf even opened a white-label side business where they can make custom log books for dispensaries or advocacy groups.

So what does someone do with such a journal? The essentials would be the date and time of the cannabis consumption session, how it was consumed (smoking, vaping, edibles, etc), the strain name, CBD/THC content, therapeutic effects, negative effects, price and overall mood following consumption.

“We’ve seen similar ideas for wine lovers, beer loves,” says McElroy. “A journal lets you have an index of memories to look back on, especially if you travel a lot and try different strains in other states or countries.”

But some cannabis users prefer to go the digital route. Mark Henderson2, a 36-year-old Quebec resident, says in an interview he chose the mobile app Releaf to, “document my experiences, good or bad, as I didn't know what to expect [being a new cannabis consumer], or how different strains would have varying effects.”

He didn’t opt for a pen-and-paper journal because, “I always have my phone on me, and the app lets me know when I'm ‘due’ for a status update during a session.”

McElroy isn’t a fan of such apps, which isn’t a surprise when you consider his business model. But he makes a good point about a practicality of log journals: “When you write something down, it helps you remember it better, because you take your time with a pen. Such a slow down process encourages mindfulness in a world where we’re always tapping on our phones.”

  1. https://www.chroniclebooks.com/titles/green-a-marijuana-journal.html
  2. Name has been changed due to interviewee requesting anonymity.

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