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Until very recently, the fashion associated with cannabis culture remained static. At best, those items included blatant use of the image of the cannabis plant – usually a fan leaf splayed out across the front of a t-shirt. At worst, cannabis fashion traditionally constituted some form of tie-dye or poncho. Not that those pieces aren’t striking, but stereotypical images like these have proved a hinderance to cannabis and hemp gaining any real recognition in the fashion community. That is, of course, since cannabis culture has come into the mainstream.

Over the last 20 years, cannabis has become a celebrated part of pop culture, and many of its biggest stars espouse its image. From Snoop Dogg to Miley Cyrus, the image of cannabis fashion and celebrity has certainly turned tradition on its head in recent years. As legalization has become reality in a number of American states, including California, more fashion icons have started to wear the leaf on their sleeves.1

As a sure sign of changing the times, cannabis has found itself onto the runways of major fashion shows in recent years. One of the earliest examples of cannabis and fashion coming to a crossroads, designer Mara Hoffman had models wear white dresses and pants woven with cannabis leaves during New York Fashion Week in 2015.2 

In addition to being included on runways and in the collections of famous designers, cannabis has of late crossed the line into the realm of haute couture. On the market today, there are snakeskin clutch manufactured by a cannabis fashion company that fetches around $2,100 U.S. dollars. The purse, by Aiche’s Sweet Leaf Line, is but one example of the new acceptance cannabis has found among the fashion conscious.

Cannabis fashion accessories are ubiquitous. Small charms, bracelets and necklaces are available nearly everywhere online, and in retail shops. Hand-blown glass accessories have become increasingly popular in recent years, as glass artists have started focusing more energy and attention on cannabis products. Some of these items can even serve a dual purpose – one both practical and fashionable.3

Far from reserved to clothing, handbags and accessories, cannabis fashion has unquestionably transferred over to cannabis products and tools. There are myriad new cannabis tools – bongs and rigs, stash bags and boxes, travel kits and grinders – that can all be deemed fashionable this day and age. There are few industries in which creativity is so highly values as cannabis, and perhaps for that reason its relationship to an evolving fashion statement has proved bold, and hip.

In jurisdictions where cannabis has been legalized for recreational, and sometimes even, medical use, consumers and patients have begun communicating with cannabis along commercial lines. Many legal cannabis companies have become trend setters, with their clothing and brands beginning to serve as fashion statements. By extension of the popularity of cannabis in mainstream terms, the association between patients, consumers and cannabis companies in the U.S. and Canada is starting to gain momentum.

As more countries and states move to legalize cannabis products, the popularity of the plant’s image continues to be galvanized in public perception. The fact that celebrities and star designers have turned an attentive eye to cannabis has only furthered the plant’s reputation as something of a fashion in its own right.

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