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Quieting symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy
Can cannabis cure cancer? To date, there is no scientific evidence to back the theory that cannabis kills cancer cells. In fact, most responsible cannabis professionals – leery of a culture of misinformation – will caution patients to ignore that claim.
What has been proven, however, is that medical cannabis can help with cancer symptoms, and the side-effects of chemotherapy. Where studies have found a significant use for medical cannabis in its treatment of cancer, is in its ability to help with everything from chronic pain and vomiting, to sleep and appetite loss.1
Two of the most discouraging symptoms associated with cancer of all forms, chronic pain and general unease are culprits that medical cannabis has proven to pacify. Using whole cannabis flowers, oils, topicals and tinctures – oftentimes in tangent with one another – cancer patients can find relief from a range of chronic and acute pain symptoms.


Volatile is perhaps one of the most apt adjectives with which to describe the side-effects of chemotherapy. Vomiting and nausea are commonplace offshoots of cancer treatment, and studies have shown that the use of cannabinoids, particularly tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), can significantly help cancer patients with those discomforts.
At its most egregious, cancer can cause extreme weight loss, a condition called cachexia. While notorious for stimulating hunger in consumers, cannabis can be of great benefit to patients experiencing reduced appetite or weight loss associated with cancer. Studies have shown that medical cannabis can stimulate the appetites of patients, while working to help them gain or maintain weight.
The loss of sleep can be an easily overlooked side-effect of cancer and chemotherapy. Sweating – or freezing – through sleepless nights, can serve as the catalyst to an inability to properly cope with other symptoms by day. Again here, the use of medical cannabis, namely oils high in CBD before bed, can prove an important aid in helping cancer patients get better sleep.
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