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Meet The Educators

Learn more about our independent Medical, Educational and Cannabis Sciences Board members, who help develop and oversee all our original content on cannabis education.

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Daniel Bal, MD

Stamford Health

"I have been an advocate for the use of cannabis based treatments for health care and to improve the quality of life for certain patients for quite some time."

After earning a medical degree from the American University of Antigua College of Medicine, Magna Cum Laude, Dr. Bal completed his residency at Stamford Hospital/Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in Family Medicine. Having also completed three years of General Surgery Residency at Stamford Hospital and SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Bal remains active in medical research, competing in many research competitions and presentations. Dr. Bal also has a particular interest in wound care, and practices at the Stamford Hospital Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center.

Dr. Shirish Patel, MD

Medical Director

"Working at a medical cannabis clinic in Toronto, I witness the benefits of medical cannabis on a regular basis and strongly believe technology will play an important role in the delivery and education of medical cannabis, leading to improved patient outcomes."

Dr. Patel is an engineer-turned-clinician with a passion for neurology, psychiatry, pharmacology and electronic healthcare delivery. His strengths lie in clinical research and evidence-based support for health care providers. Dr. Patel currently works as a Neuropsychiatric Intake Specialist and Counselor for a private psychosomatic psychiatry clinic in Toronto, as Medical Advisor for My Natural Living Life, a concierge medical cannabis clinic, and Medical Advisor for Trendlines Health Inc., a company specializing in remote data acquisition and analytics from wearable health devices. (In 2018, Dr. Patel presented five scientific posters at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) annual meeting, developed in collaboration with leading psychiatrists and psychiatry residents from Canada and the U.S.)

Stacey Patterson, RN

University Health Network

"When used responsibly for the right conditions, cannabis can provide relief from a range of symptoms but it is important for people to learn that, like other treatments, it will have different effects on different people."

A critical care nurse at Toronto’s University Health Network, Ms. Patterson works regularly with patients at Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals. Her specialization lies in developing relationships with doctors, caregivers and patients in neurology, medical/surgical/transplant, cardiac and critical care units. Ms. Patterson earned a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of New Brunswick as well as Certificates in Critical Care and Nephrology, and consistently reviews academic and medical papers and studies for evidence of cannabis’ potential effects related to health care.

Aislin O'Hara

O'Hara & Associates Consulting Inc.

"Older adults are increasingly curious about cannabis as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals and benefit greatly from specialized content to address their health care concerns with no pressure to purchase or consume."

A Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA), Ms. O’Hara spent 12 years supporting seniors’ initiatives within the public sector, where she established herself as a trusted professional among seniors’ services and support agencies. Among her recent positions was Project Lead - Customer Experience for the Toronto Transit Commission’s Wheel-Trans program, whose customer base is vastly comprised of seniors with disabilities. In 2018, she founded O’Hara & Associates Consulting Inc. to provide advice and consultation to businesses and services on how to appropriately serve Canadian seniors and put them at the forefront of strategies and market growth plans. Among her notable accomplishments, Ms. O’Hara helped develop the 2017 and 2018 Toronto Seniors Strategy and the Toronto HomeShare Pilot (in partnership with the National Initiative of Care for the Elderly). She maintains professional affiliations with a number of senior-focused organizations including the Age-Friendly Business Alliance, among others.

Educational Advisory Board

Elizabeth Feist, M.ED

Toronto District School Board

"I believe science-based information empowers people with the education needed to make healthy living choices."

A 20-year veteran in the education field as a teacher, mentor, and workshop leader, Ms. Feist has extensive experience in health education. Through intensive research and relatable lesson plans, she has helped hundreds of students thoroughly understand the implications of using a variety of substances. Ms. Feist earned an Honours Bachelor of Science and a Post-Graduate Degree in Child Studies from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Tom Loutskou, M.ED

Toronto District School Board

"I have long been a vocal supporter of medicinal cannabis use for pain management and treatment of other ailments."

Mr. Loutskou is continuing an active 17-year teaching career as an educator with the Toronto District School Board with a focus on health and physical education. He graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Science, Majors in Kinesiology and Biology and a Bachelor of Education, and also earned a Masters of Education from Nipissing University.

Brad Poulos

Ryerson University

"I’m trying to ensure education about all aspects of cannabis is easily accessible to new and seasoned recreational consumers, medical patients, and entrepreneurs entering the space."

At The Ted Rogers School of Management, in collaboration with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education, Mr. Poulos, a 10-year veteran lecturer in entrepreneurship strategy, launched an introductory course called “The Business of Cannabis” after having spent several years researching the industry. With over 30 years experience across a range of industries including education, cannabis, telecommunications and software, Mr. Poulos has focused on running and advising companies with issues related to growth and business development, optimization and strategy. A former profit 100 CEO and public company chair, his unique insights and analysis are in constant demand for media and speaking opportunities.

Remi Roy

Lead Content Strategist

"I look forward to the day that cannabis takes its rightful place as a lead character in the act of health and wellness."

As the lead Content Strategist at Cannvas MedTech, Mr. Roy oversees the editorial content and direction of the digital cannabis education platform Cannvas.Me, working with a team of writers and Board members to create and curate original unbiased and evidence-based content. During his time with Tweed, Mr. Roy curated customer-facing content for the largest producer of medical cannabis in Canada at the time and oversaw several employee satisfaction initiatives. A seasoned professional communicator, Mr. Roy has led several journalistic investigations and his work has been featured on VICE, Merry Jane, Lift and Co, Civilized, XPress, Voir, the Ottawa Sun and more.

Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board

Angela Smith, PhD

Scientific and Regulatory Consultant

"Accurate and evidence-informed education on cannabis science and research is critically important for anyone considering using cannabis in the future."

Dr. Smith is a PhD-level scientist and founder of Catalyst Life Sciences Consulting, a boutique firm providing a wide range of medical, scientific and regulatory consulting services for Canadian natural health products, medical and recreational cannabis and highly regulated food products. Dr. Smith spent 10 years in the food and natural health products industry, leading and supporting prenatal, maternal and infant scientific and regulatory affairs. In addition, Dr. Smith has a great deal of experience developing and managing medical and continuing education programs for healthcare professionals, and has also made valuable contributions to stakeholder consultations on health policies and position statements with the Canadian federal government, expert groups and industry associations.

Emma Chasen

Cannabis Educator and Industry Consultant

"To elevate the cannabis industry, we must educate the people."

As co-owner of Portland-based Eminent Consulting, Ms. Chasen oversees the creation and execution of educational training programs for cannabis industry professionals and enthusiasts. During her time as Director of Education at the award-winning Portland dispensary Farma, Ms. Chasen championed an evidence-based approach to cannabis education for consumers looking for alternative treatments. Ms. Chasen earned a specialized Biology degree with a focus on Medicinal Plant Research from Brown University, and her work has been featured in Newsweek, Forbes, Teen Vogue and many more publications lauding her approach to cannabis education.

Cannabis AI, Data & Technology Advisory Board

Dinesh Kandanchatha

Director, Patriot One Technologies

"As I got older, I learned success actually comes from the value you create for the people and the community around you. Doing something meaningful means so much more."

Mr. Kandanchatha has over 20 years of experience in start-up and early-stage companies, having raised over $100M dollars translating into over $1B in shareholder value. He has overseen two IPOs, eight acquisitions and been part of many early stage companies. He is a founder and former President and CTO of Patriot One Technologies. Currently he is Chief Operating Officer of Macadamian Technologies one of the leading healthcare product consultancies in Canada. Mr. Kandanchatha earned a bachelor’s degree and MBA from the University of Ottawa, serves as a board member with multiple organizations and has been featured in the Canadian Business Journal’s entrepreneur spotlight.

Wesley Tulshi

Director, Hololens HW at Microsoft

"The cannabis industry has enormous potential to take advantage of data-driven technologies to accelerate innovation, share information and facilitate reliable education."

A graduate of the University of Waterloo, Mr. Tulshi has held positions as an analyst with Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Deloitte. In 2006, he was recruited by Marvell Semiconductor to make the move to Silicon Valley and design component chips for the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) group, which aims to bring cost-effective Wifi/Bluetooth wireless solutions to the growing cell phone and consumer electronic industries. Mr. Tulshi is currently based in Silicon Valley and serves as Director of the Hololens HW Group at Microsoft, helping develop wearable mixed reality technology powered by artificial intelligence.

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