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Israel-based startup Seedo turned heads when it started selling mini fridge-sized cannabis farms for personal and home use in 2017. With computerized optical systems and climate control, they promised cannabis “from seed to flower” under controlled conditions in the comfort of your own home. Now Seedo wants to take it one step further with the announcement of what it calls the “world’s first automated cannabis farm,” using AI-based technology and robotic arms to give it a hand.

Seedo has plans to build a fully automated, commercial-scale cannabis arm using technology that can ensure consistent ‘pharmaceutical-grade’ flower year-round. The automated farm will be based in Kibbutz Dan, an agricultural community near the northern border of Israel, which recently approved the export of medical cannabis.

Seedo’s flagship product is the ‘grow fridge.’ The device comes with a number of features including a sterile hermetic ecosystem and built-in cartridges that automatically release C02 during the photosynthesis phase. Meanwhile, a mix of auto-adjust LED lighting, mineral sensors and a temperature gauge keeps the interior conditions optimized.

Pairing this technology with a few new features, Seedo envisions a series of stackable shipping container-sized units. Inside each container, robotic arms manage the physical aspects of cultivation, cameras keep an eye on the operation, and machine learning software ensures optimal growing conditions.

Each container is said to be capable of producing at least 326 pounds of dried flower per year. The startup expects the partnership with Kibbutz Dan to yield a total of four tons of dried cannabis during its first three years of operation. The project is expected to produce 14 tons of dry flower valued at just under $24 million.

Source: https://www.designboom.com/technology/seedo-lab-automated-cannabis-farm-robotic-arms-artificial-intelligence-04-08-2019/

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