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  • Post Time Posted June 18, 2019
A company trying to break into the cannabis-infused beverage business isn’t happy with Health Canada’s new regulations on packaging.

Last week, the federal government came out with its official rules and timetables on cannabis edibles.

Among the new rules came strict edicts on packaging, including limitations on brand logos and descriptions of the product.

“If I was to come to your home and bring you a bottle of cannabis infused wine as a gift, do you want me to show up with that bottle of wine looking like toilet bowl cleanser to do you want it to look like a beautiful bottle of wine?” said Terry Donnelly, CEO of the Vancouver-based Hill Street Beverage Company.

Hill Street plans to add cannabis to its dealcoholized wine and beer products. However, the packaging on the label can’t mention any type-of alcohol-related wording.

Donnelly said it’s still unclear if his bottles could mention information like the type of grapes that are used in the dealcoholized wine.

“Can I use the word cabernet sauvignon, which is the type of grape that’s in the liquid, to describe the liquid that’s in the bottle?” he asked. “That poses a bit of a conundrum.”

The federal government said the packaging is designed to limit the appeal of cannabis products and reduce the risk of over-consumption.

Donnelly said he is concerned that the strict new rules will drive consumers towards the black market.

“If you’ve seen some of the packaging that exists in the black market, some of it is absolutely spectacular,” he said. “As the better option, you should allow those legal products to actually establish compelling brands that allow consumers to trust those brands.”

Hill Street Beverage recently bought Saskatchewan cannabis company OneLeaf for $16 million.

The company’s products will only be available in cannabis stores and should be available Spring 2020.

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/marijuana-drinks-packaging-1.5178628

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