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  • Post Time Posted April 17, 2019
For decades, cannabis consumers have gathered in basements, huddled in out-of-sight spaces and congregated loud and proud in parks around the world each April 20 to celebrate the plant and consume cannabis together.

But as the cannabis community transforms from the stereotypical ‘stoner’ to a wider, sometimes unexpected, cross section of the general population, how everyone celebrates 4/20 is changing too.

In Canada, the 2019 4/20 celebration will be the first in the nation’s history where people can get high legally. Over on the west coast, not only are they celebrating legalization, but it is also the 25th anniversary of the event in Vancouver. Similarly in Toronto, there’s a free gathering at Woodbine Park and the well-known block party in Kensington Market, same as years previous. However, City News 1130 reported that police have warned of a crackdown on illegal cannabis over the 4/20 weekend.

Although the origins of ‘4/20’ have been largely debated over the years, the apparent real story comes from California. According to this, a group of five high school teens who lived in San Francisco in the 1970s would meet after class every afternoon at 4:20pm to smoke joints and hang out.

The groups official website includes handwritten letters penned by some of its members in the 1970s, which serve as proof that the group (known as The Waldos) were the first to coin the term 4/20 in reference to smoking cannabis. There’s also a copy of their high school newspaper on the website, and in it, a mention of the term. Plus, there’s an image of a digitized 420 Flag, an original piece of artwork with a cannabis leaf and the numbers ‘420’ beside it on a pink and red tie-dye background, another item the group reports it created in the 1970s around the same time as the letters.

While there will always be different types of cannabis users, including the stoner, the typical stereotypes finally seem to be fading. Many modern cannabis brands, Canada’s government licensed retailers included, are sleek, welcoming and well-presented, feeling more like Apple stores than pot shops.

Regardless of why everyone gets together on this special day, it’s still one of the most widely celebrated annual events and should continue to be for years to come.

Source: https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-news/the-odd-reason-why-4-20-is-an-international-cannabis-holiday

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