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  • Post Time Posted February 28, 2019
Cannabis patients and enthusiasts can now purchase cannabis online through Amazon. Those who wish to buy their product through a giant corporation are in luck, as sellers on the site have seemingly decided to start selling their products through the online retail giant.

The listings don’t specify the cultivar, producer or origin of the cannabis, although sellers are allowed to attribute a listing title such as “Licensed Seller.”

The listings boast the multiple potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis such as “alleviation of pain, reduction of anxiety, depression and inflammation, aids sleep and creates a natural calm.”

A half ounce of cannabis costs approximately $70 (US) and does not qualify for Prime shipping. It is also unclear if and how the seller verifies the purchaser’s age.

Amazon users are actively buying and reviewing the products like this 5-star rating that claims “the buds are beautiful and aromatic, excellent results!! I’ve been using it for 50 years and this is the most safe way in the world to partake in the herb. This is safe, reliable, discreet and very good price. I could talk all day about the coolness and convenience of the staff, excellent customer support. I win and you can too!”

Although these products are actively available Canadians should keep in mind that moving cannabis across borders (in either direction) is strictly illegal, regardless of the perceived convenience of purchasing through Amazon.

Source: https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-news/you-can-now-buy-weed-on-amazon-but-is-it-legal

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