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  • Post Time Posted February 08, 2019
The national statistics offices of Canada say legalizing cannabis hasn’t seemed to change how many people are using the drug.

Figures released from Statistics Canada show about 4.6 million people, or 15% of Canadians over age 15, reported using cannabis in the last three months. Statistics Canada says nearly one in five Canadians, or 19%, believe they will use cannabis in the next three months- a higher figure than those who reported current use.

Nearly half of Canadians who reported using cannabis said they did so for recreational purposes, while one-quarter reported to have used it for medicinal reasons.

The national cannabis survey also shows that recreational cannabis users were less likely to buy cannabis legally, with only 26% saying they bought it through authorized retailers or legal online producers.

The statistics agency reports that 42% of recreational cannabis users have obtained cannabis illegally, through street dealers, compassion clubs, unlicensed dispensaries and unlicensed websites.

Source: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/19-of-canadians-say-they-will-use-cannabis-in-next-3-months-statcan-1.1210762

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