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When pets get ill or experience anxiety, most owners would do anything to fix the situation. So it’s not surprising many pet owners have tried giving medical cannabis to their pets. Now veterinarians are starting to follow suit. As more research develops in support of using medical cannabis for pets, veterinarians like Dr. Robert Klostermann have begun giving the cannabis compound cannabidiol, CBD, to their pets.

“My interest in CBD as a treatment option for pets was piqued when the opioid epidemic really started coming to light,” said Dr. Klostermann. “As more evidence started to come out about the addictive nature of opioids, I started looking into alternatives for pain management. Based on research that was coming out of Cornell and Colorado State, CBD seemed like a good supplement to the practitioners’ tool kit and a better alternative for pain management.” And he believes that goes for animals as well, who can also reap the mental health benefits from CBD.

“I also have two older dogs, and one of them has developed separation anxiety in his old age, so I decided to see if CBD could help. After one week of treatment, I really noticed a difference in my little dog.”

Right now, research points to CBD as a useful treatment for pain management, anxiety and seizures in pets but future studies could find it helps with many other conditions.

There are many options to administer this product to your pets, from CBD-infused chews or pastes and liquids. However, owners should keep in mind that CBD is still a medicine and as with any medication, you have to watch your pet for signs the treatment isn’t causing complications.

In regards to CBD, there have never been any reported deaths caused by using it. So even if your pet did ingest too much by accident, the best thing to do in many cases is simply be patient and allow the effects to gradually wear off.

Source: https://www.civilized.life/articles/cannabis-friendly-veterinarian-shares-his-tips-for-giving-cbd-to-pets/

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