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  • Post Time POSTED JULY 30, 2018
A study out of the Queen Mary University of London found that combining the cannabis derived compound CBD with pancreatic cancer treatment drastically improved its effectiveness. 

For the study the researchers split a group of mice genetically modified to develop pancreatic cancer into four groups. Ten Mice were given CBD, eight were given the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine, seven were given both drugs, and nine were given a placebo. 

Mice that received the placebo survived an average of 19 days, while those on CBD only lived for 25 day, and those on gemcitabine alone lasted for almost 28 days.
Mice given the combination of the two drugs had a survival time of almost 53 days. 

The researchers showed that a gene known as GPR55 is involved in the growth and multiplication of pancreatic cancer cells as it gives rise to proteins that sit in cell membranes. The team says that the promising results were because the CBD blocks the receptors produced by the GPR55 gene, preventing them from interacting with other substances that promote the growth and multiplication of cancer cells. 

The study is very promising, however others cautioned that it was only a small study in mice, and it is unclear if the results can be duplicated in humans. Many more years of  tests will be needed before this could be a possible treatment for pancreatic cancer patients. 

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/jul/30/substance-in-cannabis-could-boost-pancreatic-cancer-treatments


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