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We are rapidly approaching that dreadful time once again: cold and flu season. This often includes fever, chills and coughing fits, which cause us to miss work and all other social activities. 

What makes this inevitable part of the year so unfortunate is that there is no known cure capable of getting us back on our feet in a reasonable amount of time. Most often, we just have to let the sickness run its course. Some people, however, believe that cannabis can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms more effectively than over the counter medications.

As with most things regarding the medicinal value of cannabis, there really isn’t much scientific research pointing to it as a legitimate remedy for a cold or flu. But that’s not to say that cannabinoids do not have a place in easing these nasty afflictions. We know that cannabis compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, and there is also evidence showing they can help ease pain. Both of which are popular complaints for anyone with such an ailment. While the cannabis plant is not a cure for the common cold, there are perhaps some ways it can be administered during those times that could make it an excellent alternative to other medicines.

But using cannabis as a way to ease the unwell really comes down to how it is being consumed. Smoking cannabis (or vaporizing) probably isn’t the right way to go for the person seeking alleviation. Smoke can irritate the throat, sinuses and lungs and can cause coughing, congestion, headaches and more. As it was pointed out last year by former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, “using a lung as a drug delivery vehicle isn’t optimal.”

Fortunately, there are now all sorts of smoke-free cannabis products on the legal market that are optimal for those with a cold or flu. Edibles, beverages and tinctures, for example, are all better options when feeling under the weather.

Some reports suggest that cannabis products containing higher cannabidiol (CBD) content might be a better route than products with high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is known for easing muscle and joint pain, which can be desperately needed during cold and flu season. However, a person who is nauseous or vomiting should utilize THC as the cannabinoid helps manage nausea and reduce vomiting extremely effectively.

Source: https://cannabisnow.com/can-i-use-marijuana-to-treat-my-cold-or-flu/

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