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  • Post Time POSTED AUGUST 09, 2018
Health Canada has approved Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc’s protocol for a clinical trial investigating its PPP001 drug as an alternative to fentanyl in the management of breakthrough cancer pain. 

Montreal-based Sante Cannabis, a medical clinic and contract research organization specialized in cannabis-based therapies will conduct the study.

The study will assess the time-to-relief in patients suffering from breakthrough cancer pain. 

Unlike typical medical cannabis, PPP001 is a prescription drug that has a Drug Identification Number (DIN) that makes it much easier to be eligible for insurance coverage.
There is a growing movement against the use of opioids due to their highly addictive nature, and many people believe that medical cannabis products and by-products may be able to replace them in some cases. 

Source: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/health-canada-gives-green-light-to-tetra-bio-pharma-s-cannabis-vs-fentanyl-trial-1027446396


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