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Canadian licensed producer Aurora Cannabis Inc., has launched the Cannabis Tax Ticker, a live website tallying how much Canadians have racked up in medical cannabis expenses.

“The Medical Cannabis Tax Ticker is an estimate of how much money the government has collected from patients who are prescribed medical cannabis for serious health conditions since January 2014,” reads the website.

Prescription drugs in Canada are classified as zero-rated, meaning they are not subject to federal or provincial taxes. Medical cannabis is the only exception.

As per the federal government, “under the taxation framework, federal excise duty is paid by a licensed cannabis producer when the cannabis products they package are delivered to a purchaser.”

Excise taxes are charged on all alcohol and tobacco products in Canada. Excise tax is charged whether the cannabis is for medical or recreational use.

Since medical cannabis doesn’t qualify for insurance coverage with most provincial or private health insurance plans, many patients pay the entire cost of their medication, plus shipping, out of pocket with little or no chance of being reimbursed.

“Concerned patients, legal and medical professionals believe that the application of the tax can prevent patients in vulnerable populations from being able to access their medication. More than 48,000 Canadian patients require medical cannabis to help them manage a variety of issues from chronic pain and Arthritis to mental health,” said Gerald Major, President of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM).

The launch of Aurora’s website coincided with the Don’t Tax Medicine initiative by CFAMM.

Source: https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-health/aurora-launches-cannabis-tax-ticker-as-the-industry-comes-together-for-the-dont-tax-medicine-campaign

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