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Learn about cannabis in all its forms, delve into the plant’s taxonomy and explore the human endocannabinoid system.

Education Courses

Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis, an active user or just curious, these courses will introduce you to nearly every aspect of this ever-emerging alternative therapy.

From the history and anatomy of the plant to its myriad uses to current laws and legislation governing usage around the world, you’ll learn more than just the basics about cannabis.

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An Introduction To Medical Cannabis

An introduction to cannabis for medical purposes through a look at the basic therapeutic properties of the plant.

20 Points

Exploring Trichomes And Cannabinoids

An examination of cannabis’ primary chemical compounds, including a breakdown of the most active agents (THC, CBD, others: THCA, CBN, CBG).

20 Points

Simplifying Cannabis Strains And Breeding

An overview of cannabis strain classifications by category of indica, sativa and hybrid, with notes on their therapeutic distinctions.

20 Points

Breaking Down Breeding And Concentrates

An exploration of the world of cannabis concentrates, including tinctures, topicals, shatter, wax and oil.

20 Points

Counterweight: Cannabis and the Developing Brain

A crucially important theme in cannabis education, the topic of youth will be explored in this course, which will also investigate some of the potential hazards of early use, and prospective benefits of cannabis treatment.

20 Points

Exploring Beneficial Bugs and Insects

This course will outline the exciting topic of beneficial bugs and insects. Used to destroy pests in the most organic fashion possible, beneficial bugs are of interest to cannabis cultivators, researchers and, for curiosity's sake, even average consumers.

20 Points

Exploring the Significance of Strain Names

When you buy a bosc pear, you know what to expect. The same can be said for honeycrisp apples, red plums, and butterhead lettuce. But with cannabis varieties, the picture is a lot murkier.

20 Points

Exploring the Topic of Organic Cannabis

This course will look at the question of whether organic cannabis exists, and also tour some of the most popular grow mediums in this area.

20 Points

Investigating Pests and Diseases

One of the least popular topics under the cannabis banner, pests and disease are important aspects of cultivation. This course will look at the most notorious offenders, including powdery mildew, thrips, aphids and spider mites.

20 Points

Looking at the State of Vertical Growing

Saving space and cultivating plants in the most efficient manner possible has quickly become a priority for many residential and commercial growers, many of whom are now using vertical growing to accomplish their goals.

20 Points

Understanding the Difference Between Concentrates, Isolates and Distillates

Providing insight into the types of products being made under these three banners, this course will navigate the worlds of cannabis concentrates, isolates and distillates.

20 Points

Getting To Know The Scents And Science Of Terpenes

A look at the organic compounds that give cannabis strains unique smell and taste properties, including a definition of the entourage effect.

20 Points

Exploring The Anatomy Of The Cannabis Plant

An overview of the cannabis plant’s basic anatomical components: leaves (sugar and fan), stem, nodes and female flowers.

20 Points

Cutting Through The Confusion Of Cannabis Taxonomy

A synopsis of cannabis sativa’s genus classification, with a conclusion, backed by Dr. Ethan Russo, that cannabis is solely one species.

20 Points

Unpacking The Complexities Of Cannabis Products

A celebration of the versatility of cannabis therapy through a look at the diverse range of products available to patients.

20 Points

A Brief History Of The Cannabis Plant

A journey to the roots and through the history of the cannabis plant, in the context of its use for therapeutic means.

20 Points

Exploring The Legal Cannabis Industry

An introduction to the business of cannabis, looking particularly at the legality of both medical and recreational cultivation and sale.

20 Points

Canadian Cannabis Laws And Legislation

A summary of cannabis drug policy the world over, with a lens fixed on legislation in Canada.

20 Points

An introduction to vegetation

A little-known aspect of cannabis cultivation is the vegetative cycle. Between propagation and flowering, the vegetation period allows cannabis plants to grow its stature and strength before producing buds. Many growers prolong this period to lengthen their plants and, often, increase the yield of their crops.

20 Points

Understanding cannabis cultivars

Focusing on the geographic regions that have produced the world’s most renowned and notorious strains. This course will focus primarily on the traditional roots of cannabis cultivars, but will also explore contemporary practices in North and South America, and across Europe.

20 Points

The basics of cannabis breeding

An overview of cannabis breeding, this course will introduce readers to this nuanced and important aspect of the industry, while looking at the benefits of cannabis breeding to consumers.

20 Points

The Legality of Cannabis Across the Globe

This course will look at the legality of adult-use cannabis and also provide an overview of the countries that permit the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

20 Points

A Primer on the Endocannabinoid System

A misunderstood aspect of human biology, the endocannabinoid system binds cannabinoid receptors in the mammalian nervous system. This course will examine all aspects of the system, including the fact that, to this day, it remains something of an enigma.

20 Points

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