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Consider the cultural roots of cannabis, dig deeper into its applications across various industries and learn about its ongoing relationship to food, fashion and sex.

Lifestyle Courses

Structured to complement an active cannabis therapy program, these courses provide an overview of the plant’s most exciting prospects and relations to aspects of everyday life outside of medical usage.

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Exploring The History And Future Of Cannabis Culture

A journey through the history of the cultural roots of medical and adult-use cannabis.

20 Points

Understanding Hemp And Its Applications

A celebration of the historical and contemporary uses of hemp fibre across a myriad of applications.

20 Points

Exploring Edibles And Infusions

A taste of the culinary possibilities of extracted cannabis, including an exploration of infusions, edibles and food pairings.

20 Points

A Flight Plan For Medical Cannabis Patients

A flight plan for medical and recreational consumers curious about the rules and laws surrounding cannabis and travel.

20 Points

Exploring the Popularity of Cannabis-Themed Events

These days, cannabis events like weddings and parties are becoming commonplace. This course will explore some of the types and styles of cannabis-based events, and highlight some of the companies making a mint in the category.

20 Points

Investigating the Commercial Future of Hemp

This course will explore the expanding rolodex of hemp products being brought to market, including biofuel, motor oil, cosmetics, building materials, and food and drink.

20 Points

Understanding Cannabis Clinics and Prescriptions

An ever-growing aspect of medical cannabis, clinics continue to be an important part of the treatment conversation. This course will explore the cannabis clinic landscape, and offer tools for obtaining a medical cannabis prescription.

20 Points

The Evolution Of Cannabis In Fashion

An examination of cannabis in fashion, with a particular eye on haute couture associated with the plant’s image.

20 Points

Linking Medical Cannabis And Sexual Health

An introduction to the use of medical cannabis flowers and extracts as complementary agents to renewed sexual health.

20 Points

The Link Between Fitness and Medical Cannabis

This course will explore the potential for cannabis to be used as a tool for pre-workout and recovery, including a look at the benefits of CBD in the context of fitness.

20 Points

Ganja: An Exploration of Cannabis and Spirituality

Cannabis has been used by humans for eons as a tool for spiritual discovery and growth. This material will provide a crash course in the history of the plant’s use in this area.

20 Points

Cannabis and the Family

Highlighting best practices for speaking to family members about the decision to use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. This course includes advice for both parents and young adults new to cannabis.

20 Points

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