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Science and Technology

Helping dissect the nuances of the science of medical cannabis.

Science and Technology Courses

Learn about technological advancements in the cannabis space, contemporary approaches to cultivation and the potential future of cannabis-based products and services.

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The science of medical cannabis

An introduction to scientific advancements in the medical cannabis space, including a look at advancements like lozenges and infused patches.

20 Points

Placing medical cannabis under the microscope

An overview of significant innovations in the cannabis space in the context of treatment, extraction, product development, and dosing.

20 Points

Technological advancements in medical cannabis

An overview of some of the technological advancements, like rosin presses, of interest and available to medical cannabis patients.

20 Points

The evolution of cultivation practices

This course will look at both the locations – indoor, outdoor and greenhouse – in which cannabis can be grown, and investigate some of the latest cultivation techniques.

20 Points

Understanding contemporary grow mediums

Get to know some of the most popular methods of growing cannabis. This course will look at everything from coco and soil, to deep water culture, and aquaponics and aeroponics.

20 Points

How is AI Being Used in the Cannabis Industry?

One of the latest themes to grip the cannabis industry is the question of what influence artificial intelligence will have on the space? Already, AI innovations and advancements have started to populate parts of the industry, a theme that this course will outline.

20 Points

Improving Crop Yields Through Innovation

Providing an overview of some of the tools, tactics and technology used to improve crop yields, this course will explore everything from gauging the health of a plant to using air pruning to maximize yield.

20 Points

Exploring the Ins and Outs of Greenhouses

As one of the most important innovations in the cannabis space, greenhouse growing has proved both an economic and environmental boon, two themes that will be explored in detail with this course.

20 Points

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