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Harness the power of data to truly understand your audience

Cannvas.Me is a free and unbiased cannabis education platform delivering physician-backed content tailored to meet each user's individual needs. Cannvas.Me business retail solutions deliver the same high-quality original content overseen by certified educators, tailored to fit the needs of your audience.

We Lead And Win With Education.

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Learning Modules

Learning Modules

Comprising everything you need to know about cannabis, evolving to meet your needs.

Exclusive Physician-Backed Content

Exclusive Physician-Backed Content

Sharing knowledge with credibility.

Ailment-to-Strain Matcher

Ailment-To-Strain Matcher

Pair your ailment with the perfect strain to relieve your pain.

Cannabis Industry News

Cannabis Industry News

Sharing only the most credible cannabis-based news from trusted sources.



Hone your culinary skills and learn whether cooking with cannabis could benefit you.

Rewards Program

Rewards Program

Earn lifestyle rewards as you learn. Rewards are not redeemable for cannabis-based products.

White Label Solutions

White Label Solutions.

Our platform offers step-by-step educational packages for patients, caregivers, adult-users, physicians, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and more.


Educational content from Cannvas.Me - including articles, courses and other material - is pushed directly into multiple on-premise units in real-time.

Existing Systems

Educational content from Cannvas.Me - including articles, courses, and other material - is adapted to fit into existing systems and updated in real-time.

Trend Reports And Analysis

All user data collected is anonymized and shared in detailed reports to better understand the needs of your different audience sets.

Customer Data - Pie Chart

Our Data Helps Paint A Better Picture Of Your Audience And Their Needs.

Technology Solutions.

Clinic / Kiosk Integration

Empower your staff and educate your customers with a Learning Kiosk featuring the Cannvas.Me platform.

Ease-of-access to unbiased information about cannabis treatments strengthens your organization’s credibility with its clientele.

Staff can learn more about what treatments to suggest as they use the system and increase productivity when directing customers to the platform.

The nature of the platform can easily encourage ancillary sales of cannabis as customers browse the platform and happen upon potential treatments to their ailments.

Technology Solutions
Cannvas.Me Solutions

Cannvas.Me Media Solutions.

Reach the right audience for your business needs with Cannvas.Me Media Solutions, leveraging our machine-learning algorithms and AI technology to target relevant users who can help your company grow.

Event Placement

Promote any event anywhere across Canada or the world with our geotargeting tools and ensure the right audience receives relevant information about your event. Whether you're engaging an entire region or inviting a specific subset of users based on any number of data points, our contextual event promotion placement helps spread the word to the right people.

Promotional Placement

Promote your organization to the right audience with relevant and contextual media placements in Cannvas.Me newsletters based on your business needs. Cannvas.Me works with you to determine the user set best suited to your business objectives and to create engaging media to share your message and promote your company.

Local Profiles: Doctors, Clinics, And More

As the leading resource for unbiased educational content on cannabis, Cannvas.Me provides users as much information as possible about their potential cannabis experience, from education to treatment to procurement and beyond. If you are a prescribing doctor looking to reach new patients or a clinic creating a community hub, talk to us about opportunities to feature and profile your business to a relevant audience.

Sponsored Content

Share your brand with all our users or only with those relevant to you when you sponsor content on Cannvas.Me. Engage existing content or talk to us about commissioning something specific. Our Medical Advisory Board and Educational Advisory Panel oversee all content creation to ensure it remains unbiased while helping you share your message and achieve your goals.

Platform for User and Business

Harness The Power Of Analytics To Better Reach And Understand Your Audience

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